Hi folks
vsmon is driving me nuts.
Using 50% of CPU (an entire core of my Intel e7200) and have tried about everything I have read on the web and forums already.

Any help appreciated.

Version of ISS and truevector is

Windows XP SP3.
This is a fresh install on a new computer with high quality components with all updated drivers.
Downloaded ZAISS from
the regular CheckPoint site and installed.

I have already tried, to no avail:
- a complete reinstall
- bumped up program protection to Max from 'learning' to eliminate the learning-curve issue
- making sure the XP firewall and anti-virus are OFF, and NO other similar programs are running- I've tried turning off MailSafe protection
- I've done complete, deep virus scans etc to make sure ZA isnt 'fighting' anything
- comparing settings to my other computer, which still has a version 7 of ZAISS, which does not have the problem
- probably a bunch of other things
I notice under 'alerts and logs' that there are some items under the Firewall tab that have been blocked in the 'trusted' zone, in my home network.
The network is clean, run by a Linksys router, with only my other ZA-protected computer.
I havent tried turning off the firewall in the 'trusted' network zone, but why would I have to do that?

Are there settings on the firewall screen I can change so that my computer deals with the network differently ?
I also have not tried going into the OS registry and monkeying around as some have suggested.
Why would vsmon purposefully consume half my CPU?
If this was an older CPU I'd be dead in the water.

I just re-upped my subscription to ZAISS for another year and am beginning to regret it.

Thanks for your assistance.

Yes I did send this to tech support at ZA also.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite