My wife and I are happy users of Zone Alarm. Some friends recommended it to us and we feel safer using it, especially since we're paranoid type people. We keep our Anti-Virus up-to-date and run AdAware every so often too. One thing that did concern me a bit (and again, we are always overly paranoid about everything so I'm sure it's normal), but sometimes, I'd say maybe about every minute or two, more commonly when our browser (Firefox) is open, I see a small burst of activity on the Zone Alarm activity icon in the bottom right even when we're not clicking anywhere. I'm not all that computer savvy but it's a bit more red than green and I believe that means "outgoing" material. It can happen when a webpage like Yahoo is open but is perfectly idle (we are not clicking on anything) or even occasionally when the browser is not open at all, but more commonly when the browser is open. Is this normal? Someone told me it's probably just the computer's way of checking there's still a connection, etc. or looking for updates of the programs we have running. I was concerned that it may be spyware sending stuff out, but we've run scans on the computer and everything is clear. Is occasional bursts of activity on the activity icon (just a few seconds every minute or so) normal? Thanks in advance!