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Thread: 100% CPU in 3 situations

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    firstfractal Guest

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    In v8 of ZAISS Go to "Anti-virus/spyware", "main", "advanced options", "exceptions" "add file". Then enter the letter your USB device usually comes up as and click "ok". e.g. "H:*" (without the quotes). The "*" is a wildcard that matches any file in the particular directory (but not sub-directories, with you have to add one by one--if present).

    Let us know if it helped!

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    bobps Guest

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    Ah, thanks for the response. I like having that option if need be.
    However, in the meantime between posts, I've had help from tech support; it involved doing a clean uninstall of my v7 and installing version That completely solved the 100% CPU problem. The posts that suggested a reset would've probably worked as it seems my database was somehow corrupted judging by the new install.
    I'm currently working the long windows shutdown syndrome with tech support - it involves the Msconfig approach and will take a while to work through., being a "what programs are being started that don't need to be" issue.
    It's not a major issue for me and v8 seems to be working pretty well. So I can consider this particular thread to be closed unless anyone has questions.
    By the way, tech support has been very helpful offering clear, detailed directions to solve everything I've brought up.

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