Since updating Zone Alarm I started to get bogus error messages anytime I completed a web form that asked for my email address. The web form would report that my email address was not valid.

Even the registration web form for this forum would not let me register, because of this bogus error message. I used the ZA Labs chat feature to report the problem and at the suggestion of the support person I shut ZA off and we were able to verify that ZA is causing the problem.

I suspect it is something to do with Privacy features, but I have tried every setting I could think of to resolve the problem. I know this module of ZA caused problems viewing streaming video with Flash software installed in Firefox, but I could get that to work by changing some of the options in Privacy (Mobile? don't remember exactly).

I have an HP computer, running XP Media Center Edition 2005
I use Firefox 3.0 (but this problem did not start until I installed latest version of ZA. I think so anyway.)
I have all the latest Microsoft security patches installed.

I tried to report this problem to ZA tech support using the web form provided, but something is wrong with using that form. I could enter most of the data, but the window expanded in such a way that I could not send the completed form. I could not resize the window or do anything with it.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite