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Thread: Real Easy Question....

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    catharsis Guest

    Default Real Easy Question....

    When I have Zone Alarm running - and when it performs various "stuff"
    like after a scan -
    I'm use-to hitting the "X" button to close the window (assuming all activity has been performed). But it seems with Zone Alarm I don't wanna do that because it will shut down the program.
    Am I right in thinking this - or is it ok to close the
    screen or should I minimize the screen.
    Any comments, suggestions and opinions are appreciated....
    Thank you in advance.

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default ZA GUI open or closed?

    The ZA window is only the 'graphical interface' telling you various aspects of it's activities, firewall, connections, scanning,
    etc. - all of this happens
    once you start your pc and continues whether you are watching it with the ZA opened window or not. With the red X on the main ZA window - it really doesn't "shut-down" ZA - this can only be done if you...right click your ZA tray icon(lower right bottom, next to clock) and click "Shutdown ZoneAlarm" and of course it will safety it with a box saying
    'do you really want to shutdown' - just to prevent accidently shutdowns. Of course when you shut-down the pc for the night - ZA will shutdown.<hr>
    As for scanning, you can red X
    the main ZA window - while you watch the 'scan status' scan in
    progress box go on - when done you can shut that off too.<hr>My personal use: I like to keep ZA main program control on while I'm updating all/ any
    software and especially while downloading any new upgrade/ new software - you can see what programs/ files are active and make any 'adjustments' that may be needed; sometimes ZA will give 'SmartDefense' designations that need a little 'help' - for instance a new program will have a new temp installer - ZA will give ' ? or red X ' for Access and I know it should be/ want it to be ' green checks ' to allow this program to install without any hindrance. The rest of the time (majority) I have ZA window on &quot;minimized&quot; so I can get to fast and ready - that's my preference. You may like less clutter on your desktop or you may have too many open windows and may not want an open ZA window or minimized tray slot - it's all your choice. :
    smileywink: So it's not really necessary to keep ZA window open nor minimized to have it function and operate normally.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 9-04-08 - I Want It That Way - The Backstreet Boys

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    catharsis Guest

    Default Re: ZA GUI open or closed?

    Yea - I thought so, but you can never be to sure.....


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