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    Gee only two antiviruses and only one behaviour blocker in two weeks - getting kind of slow in your old age??
    I got you beat - two antiviruses, five firewalls (five different vendors), several freeware games, a boot loader, a login application, a browser and one hips in the past two weeks.
    Plus I played around with some perl scripts and a customized logonui.exe (well that bombed out).
    Oh I got a ubuntu .iso to try out and permanently install to a spare hdd.
    I am getting close to any of your title records?
    Or should I try harder?

    Quit drinking?
    So did I.
    I still got some booze in the cabinet and have not touched it in years. Could not even be bothered to even look at it. I still got one beer left over in the fridge from five years ago - just so I can honestly say yup I got beer at home.

    This ZA alert - what is this exactly.
    Haven't seen it myself.
    What did it say.
    Please fill me in with the details, because I want to understand what this is all about.

    Actually it is not the ZA Pro 8.x doing funny things (this seems to be okay). It is just the ZAISS 8.x on the XP seems to have some issues (I suppose it the OS and the antivirus added in doing funny things).

    But I am sure that will be fixed in no time and things will be on track again where it usually is.

    Tried the ZA Pro 8 out myself from the first release and it is going very smooth and fast. Boots up and shutsdown like the ZA was not even there on the machine.
    No lagging of the windows or the explorer or with opening and running any of the programs and applications.

    The newest ZA shows lots of promise if this is what it starts out as.
    It can only get better and better!

    Browsing speed is incrediblely fast - and that is with the Privoxy and the Avira web guard running on the machine.
    Oh, you see, I too use a web guard and have no problems with the ZA, so why should you with your A Vast's web scanner? I do not have any privacy issues with the web scanner with my antivirus.

    Come to think about it, I have yet to see any posts by anyone about A vast and the latest ZA issues on this forum.

    Switching setups is no big deal - curiousity and a good hobby is always a good thing.
    Antiviruses are a limited experience - either you like the GUI and the effectiveness an how it runs and these simple things or not. That basically determines which antivirus I pick to keep.

    But firewalls, now this is a different story all together.
    There is no end to the different rule sets and the different aspects on how a firewalls does actually does things with packet inspection and it is handled and how it handles the firewalling. And how the rules can be made and enforced.
    I am talking about the ins and outs of the actual firewalling - not the HIPs of the firewall - just the nitty gritty details of the firewall itself. What firewalls are supposed to do in the first place - before the introduction of the all the "addons".

    It takes probably a good six months to actually trial a firewall - make the detailed and complex rule set, see what is missing in the rule set and do some editing, do some heavy duty downloading, run the windows with the firewall on for a straight couple of weeks with no shutdown and give it a really good workout, run two browsers at the same time and have each open with many tabs, check out the IM and email clients and see how they work or not, see if the firewall handles the local proxies and the web scanner ports okay and properly, and so forth.
    How the firewall was written and how the plugins/addons are written, which type of files does it use for the rules- .ini or .xml or others kinds.
    If it uses the registry to keep it's rules or settings or if it uses one or two or three sets of files.
    How the firewall integrates into the system and why it does this that way.
    The TDI or the NDIS is almost passe - almost all do it properly.
    What kind of hooks is the firewall using and why one is better than the other.
    OOPs - I am on a rant.
    Better sign off before I make this post a mile long.

    Best regards.
    Best regards.

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    LOL. Pretty funny stuff Oldsod. I didn't know you had a sense a humor, but I like it. Although I just installed AVG 8.0 which is actually running quite well with ZA Pro 8.0.15 at the moment. The **bleep** Home ZA incompatibility has apparently been fixed. It had to do with the **bleep** Web Shield module and the ZA Privacy Blocking feature and still gives this warning about this when installing ZA with **bleep** Home already installed. It also mentions something about transparent proxy mode that **bleep** uses. Anyway as I said it has apparently been fixed and the two ran well when I had them installed together. All the talk about trying out different security software made me relapse and thus the reason for having a different AV with ZA Pro now. LOL. Take care Oldsod and keep up with the humor. I have found it is one of the things that helps me survive in what sometimes seems like a crazy world.

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    Another AV?
    Oops now look what I started. LOL.

    Sometimes a forced install works - ignore the alerts and just go ahead and install regardless of those alerts.
    Glad to hear that antivirus is fixed and works now with the ZA.

    Laughter is the best medicine.
    I got to be careful with the jokes here as somebody may get touchy or take it the wrong way.
    So usually I have dry posts.
    Only make jokes with people I know definitely have a sense of humor.

    All the best.
    Best regards.

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