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    tedwhite Guest

    Default Update keeps running

    I may have missed this. I recently purchased a new computer(old onewith XP died), and now I have Vista and ZA Everythingseems to be working ok except ZA anti-virus at bottom of screen showsit is running all the time. When I put the mouse pointer on it, it says:"ZoneAlarm Anti-virus-update is running"Probably something simple, so I hope someone can help. I was justgetting familiar with ZA on XP, then computer died on me, and I'mstarting over, finding out what I have that works with Vista or not.

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Basic
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Antivirus

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    tedwhite Guest

    Default Re: Update keeps running

    Just checked something.When I turn computer off the constant update of anti-virus stops. It apparentlykeeps running after "system scan" , because while I was typing this, ZA updatedand then went back to normal. When it was updating, the "receiving traffic" symbolflickered as it should do, then the letter "Z" came up, showing ZA
    but not with an"Arrow" when update running. Probably just a minor thing, but when using somethingnew, questions happen.

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    ardentsong Guest

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    Yes this is happening to me too, it is really inconvenient because it takes like 10-15 minutes for update to run. Update also freezes my internet connection spontaneously. It is really annoying especially in the morning. I appreciate updates, but there's alot of them, and they take time.

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