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Thread: Hangs on "Saving Settings" with zaSuiteSetup_80_020_000_en.exe

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    lwalrath Guest

    Default Hangs on "Saving Settings" with zaSuiteSetup_80_020_000_en.exe

    My OS is XP Service Pack 3 and after loading zaSuiteSetup_80_020_000_en my computer would hang when shutting down or restarting on "Saving Settings".

    I completely uninstalled zaSuiteSetup_80_020_000_en and reinstalled zaSuiteSetup_70_483_000_en and the problem went away.

    Does anyone have a fix other than the previous version.

    What's with Zone Labs that you cannot email tech support anymore??

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    lazarte Guest

    Default Re: Hangs on "Saving Settings" with zaSuiteSetup_80_020_000_en.exe

    I have exactly the same problem, having upgraded to V.8 a few days ago - the annoying this is that I can no longer send an emaol to Zone larm when I have a query. An additional problem is that I can longer operate an email account (not related to Outlook, Yahoo or Hotmail) - I can ope the account, but the mail messages will not open.

    Maybe I shall have to go back to V.7 as well - unless the ZA Gurus tel me what to do about this. Never had problems with ZA before, and have been ising it for some years now, excellent ptogram. Lazarte.

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    trapezaki Guest

    Default Re: Hangs on "Saving Settings" with zaSuiteSetup_80_020_000_en.exe

    You do not appear to be the only folks having these problems. The general consensus from gurus and others, including Zonelabs tec support, seems to be 'uninstall version 8 and re install version 7.0.483

    All, including me, see the problems disappear
    as soon as that is done.
    Looks like we will have to wait for the developers to iron out these multiple bugs.
    I know tec support is swamped with reports on this issue.

    As for contacting tec support try .........

    Good LuckTrapezaki

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