I am one of those naive users that installed ZASS 8.020 on two XP machines without first checking this forum. The upgrade failed in different, but equally bizarre ways on both notebooks. Then, after complete manual cleaning and a fresh install, it became obvious that the new version was still deeply flawed (mainly the inacceptable login/shutdown delays), and after seeing that it obviously is a general problem on XP machines and that the gurus recommend to go back to version 7, I did that.

I am so glad that this forum exists, without it, continuing to use ZA would probably not be possible (and my system in ruins).

The sad thing is that this forum seems to be the only technical support I can get for the product. The Check Point technical support page is useless to me. Mind you, I even only found the link to the tsform in this forum. As well as the version history page. I feel like Check Point is actively discouraging users to contact them. Not to mention the knowledge base that also seems to be useless for real problems.

Days ago, I have filled in a tsform and also got the receipt confirmation from Check Point, but no other answer so far.

I could not find any statement about known problems with version 8, although the whole XP community seems to downgrade to version 7 and I know from this forum that Check Point technical support also suggests this to XP users.

Yes, perhaps I've overlooked some buried page or link, but I feel being taken for a fool. As a paying user, I expect something better, and I'm losing my patience with the product.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite