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Thread: zone alarm and Windows SP3

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    dianeo Guest

    Default zone alarm and Windows SP3

    I updated zone alarm and then downloaded Windows SP3.
    Since doing this my PC will not boot up.
    I cannot even boot up in safe mode.
    What can I do?
    I am not sure which version of zone alarm I have.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: zone alarm and Windows SP3

    Questions: Do you have HP/ Compaq desktop? Are you getting 'endless rebooting&quot;? Did you shutdown ZA firewall, anti-virus and your anti-spyware software prior to XP SP 3 upgrade?<hr>Click here &gt;<hr>and here &gt; - if you have 'endless rebooting' &gt; see #5 link - Jesper's blog link &lt; :0 Super tips!<hr>Downloading XP SP3 needs special attention and preparations.<hr>:0NaiveMelody NYC 9-12-08 - That Smell - Lynryd Skynyrd

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    dianeo Guest

    Default Re: zone alarm and Windows SP3

    I have a Dell Dimension 8110, Intel Celeron D processor, Dell De051 series
    I did an update on Zone Alarm Free version, then loaded sp3. The pc has not been able to boot up since then at all, not in any mode.
    The first screen upon turning on is the one that gives me the option to boot up in safe mode, safe mode with networking etc. Then the pc progresses to the blue screen that says the computer was shut down to protect it, if this is the first time restart. Check for adequate disk space, if driver was identified in stop message, disable it. Check the hardware vendor for bios updates. Disable bios memmory. Reboot in safe mode.
    Technical info:
    *** Stop: 0x000007E (0xc000001D,0x78E98E2,0xF78E97EC,0x78E94E8).

    Avg version 7, I tried to upgrade to 8 but was not able to.

    Hope this is helpful. I cannot find out the computer properties since I cannot get to the desk top.

    Thanks so much. diane

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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: zone alarm and Windows SP3

    When you get to the screen which allows you to reboot into Safe Mode, choose instead Last Known Good. It's really a System Restore when you can't do a System Restore from either Safe Mode or a Normal Mode boot. See if it allows you to boot normally.

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    dianeo Guest

    Default Re: zone alarm and Windows SP3

    I already have to no avail.
    I am really at a loss.

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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: zone alarm and Windows SP3

    If you have it, boot from your Windows installation CD. Enter the Recovery Console. Then enter the command &quot;chkdsk /r&quot; (without the quotes). This will do a chkdsk and fix any bad sectors. A friend of mine also couldn't boot into either Normal or Safe Mode and this fixed the problem.
    If that doesn't work, do you take backups of any kind? If you take ASR backups with the Windows Backup utility, you can do an ASR (Automated System Recovery) restore from the Windows CD.
    If that doesn't work, you can try a Windows installation CD Repair operation. I've never done it but it is an option. There might be
    a problem if the SP level of the CD is not the same as the current Windows installation.
    If none of these solutions work, you'll have to reinstall Windows from your manufacturer's recovery CD
    if available, or from your Windows installtion CD.

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    dianeo Guest

    Default Re: zone alarm and Windows SP3

    unfortunately, Dell does not provide a disk.
    They give instructions on their website on how to restore to the state in which it was shipped.
    That of course removes all data.
    And yes I was stupid and did not have back up of my data.

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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: zone alarm and Windows SP3

    Sorry to hear that. I don't take disk-image backups so I can't completely restore my disk in case of a disaster. What I do every night, though, is a synchronized backup of my personal data to an external USB drive and an online backup site (IBackup IDrive; there are a number of similar services). You might want to consider doing this. That way if you do have to reinstall Windows, you will still have all your personal data. A synchronized backup updates the target with only changed data and deletes any files or directories
    that have been deleted from the source.

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