Firstly.....I have been using ZA for a couple of years now and
have found Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite to be a relatively easy and effective solution for protecting my computer. I like
the using the software
I have spent the last several days (patiently)
trying to sort out the vsmon.exe high CPU problem with Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite ( since V8 update).
I don't have
any more time for this now and have become totally frustrated with the problem.

It is causing my computer to slow down to an unusable pace, which just randomly starts?
I have
followed the suggestions sent via support (without success), and tried other fix suggestions given in this forum.
I have uninstalled (the one including "clean" in the target) serveral times, installed several times and have finally removed it completely and replaced it with the Kaspersky demo, for now ,to get some kind of protection on my computer.
Where do I go from here............I can't spend any more time in virtual screwdriver mode trying to fix an issue that should be made as an update - I have paid for this software to work
in the background, protecting my computer without having to solve this sort of problem myself.
I do expect some software issues though, which I have experienced in seven years of using computers in my work, but there comes a point when it gets out of hand!
Yes I am frustrated when I have to get on with work.
Maybe I am posting to give it one more chance before moving to new grounds..........anybody?

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite