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Thread: Spontaneous increase in shutdown time

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    riceorony Guest

    Default Spontaneous increase in shutdown time

    Hello again all,

    I just noticed that today my shut-down time has spontaneously INCREASED from 1-2 minutes to 15+ minutes. I've had this computer for ~2.5 months, using Vista Ultimate.

    I'm using ZA-ISS 8.0.200, ZA-FF, and Counterspy V3.

    The only thing that could come to mind in terms of increasing the shutdown time was that the day before I upgraded from Counterspy V2.5 to V3 (well it kind of upgraded automatically). So i'm assuming there is some sort of program conflict between the security programs during shut-down.

    Start-up times are normal, I've done a complete scrubbing with a program similar to CCleaner, and I also defragged too. HiJack This! log looks normal, scans using updated definitions on ZA-ISS, Counterspy, A-squared, Superantispyware, and **bleep** were clean as of yesterday (I do weekly scans)

    Any pointers?

    Operating System:Windows Vista Ultimate
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default ZA8.0 + FF + Counterspy3 +, + , +...

    riceorony, geez, sometimes more &gt; only gives you more problems.:0<hr>CounterSpy with Vipre - oh, there it goes - was once an anti-spyware program now includes an 'anti-virus' scanner they developed - so now you have ZA's Kaspersky av and now Counterspy's Vipre = conflicts. I've mentioned in one of my links &gt;
    &gt; bottom...<hr>&quot;Caution if you use any of the new hybrid &quot;Anti-spyware with Anti-virus software&quot; - like Webroot AntiVirus with AntiSpyware or PCTools SpywareDoctor with Integrated AntiVirus, or SunbeltSoftware CounterSpy with VIPRE, PCTools ThreatFire, etc. = their anti-virus portion may cause conflict with your main AntiVirus software.&quot;
    :0<hr>riceorony, sometimes more &gt; only gives you more problems. You have ForceField - when used properly &gt; you really don't need to add more anti-spyware than you already had before { I did suggest a trimming down before }. [ sidenote for ForceField - if you find it conflicting or causing issues - you 'may' 'exit' ForceField before shutting down and/ or you can 'change'
    FF 'not' to start up on pc starting.]<hr>Hard decisions to be made - expel Counterspy?
    <hr>:0NaiveMelody NYC 9-16-08 - Ain't Gonna Bump No More (With No Big Fat Woman) - Joe Tex

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    Default Re: Spontaneous increase in shutdown time

    to the Zone Alarm User Forum..VERY IMPORTANT: Please Report the details of your Problem Directly to ZA Tech Support for FREE at (preferably withIE Browser)The more Users that Report this shut-down time has spontaneously INCREASED or Slow Shut Down problem directly to Tech Support, with their Details and what they did to try and resolve the issue, the Sooner Tech support will find a FIX for the problem..Tech Support may ask for your ZA Log Files, and tell you how to do that..----------------------------I Suggest going back to ZASS Version 7.0.483.000Until the Developers come up with a Fix..Go to the following Forum Link and follow the Instructions..
    ZoneAlarm® Extreme Security

    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24 Hours Pacific Time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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    riceorony Guest

    Default Re: ZA8.0 + FF + Counterspy3 +, + , +...

    Thanks GuruGeorge and NaiveMelody!

    NaiveMelody, I greatly understand where your coming from, and trust me I WILL NOT RENEW MY SUBSCRIPTION TO Counterspy.

    There simply is no need because I have ZA-ISS Version 8 and Forcefield together. I so far have not been infected (*knocks on wood*) like I normally do while surfing and what not.

    Forcefield keeps the baddies out while surfing (with the virtualized browsing technology making it purely easy to purge the data and seperate the surf data from the PC).

    ZA-ISS adds the awesome firewall, excellent antivirus, and pretty decent antispyware (which can be easily supported by the multitudes of free antispyware on the market)

    I only continue to use Counterspy bc I paid for the subscription (190 days left!!). I guess it's in my mentality to use everything and not waste :-(


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    Default Re: ZA8.0 + FF + Counterspy3 +, + , +...

    Almost all spyware comes from the web through the browser.
    Okay some does creep in through the email or from media, but most of the spyware/adware installs through the web browsing.
    Almost all spyware uses activeX, iframes, vbs, javascripts and java and of course the usual evil html/cgi/php.
    By just using the Privacy of the Zone Alarm to it's fullest potential and blocking off this junk you should get zero spyware infections. I discovered this years ago when I first used the ZA Pro.
    Years ago I used to get the usual two or three spyware infections every week and once I started to use the ZA Pro....BAM!!! more spyware installs. Kind of an enlightening experience all by itself at that time.
    Of course this was this the IE5 which was not the greatest nor safest browser of all time.
    But the ZA was covering my ...... at all times.
    OK it still does the job.
    Even though I found out the first Firefox versions were superior to the IE in terms of security ... it was a learning experience in trying to make the IE/Windows more secure at that time. But I did cover a lot of ground and discovered the numerous methods involved.

    I was years ago one of those with router and a firewall with an antivirus and antitroyan and a antikeylogger with two resident antispware scanners and maybe a dozen on demand scanners. Not to mention several HIPS too for the just in case.
    Oops forgot the IP blocker and the dozen or so of extra
    Slowly I dropped these - painful as it sounds... and now I just use the ZA Pro (5.5 with no scanner) and a decent antivirus.
    (Well okay I use Privxoy as it can be considered a prevention tool and I did just added those unwanted IP from the IP blocker's list to the ZA Zones as Blocked, but that is off topic).

    The reason why I dropped these extras is all because another guru here at the forum first polietly asked me how many scanners I got and what do they find, if anything at all.
    I replied several scanners and these find nothing at all for the past several years.
    His answer was ... why do you use this extra bloat and wreck windows with these scanners if they do nothing anyways?
    He also showed me half of these antispyware scanner miss a lot of the spyware anyways.
    Some of these are lousy at finding spyware.
    And showed me the antivirus had improved a lot and it's malware and troyan detections/removals were very good. Plus the antivirus will hit any malware/troyans before the other scanners will even see that malware.
    Almost every antivirus has excellent troyan detections these days and we all know the troyan will download new malware, so the antivirus will stop not just the troyan, but prevent any further or possible malware infections.
    Plus when comparing the troyan detections of the antivirus to the other spyware/malware scanners, the antivirus still comes out on top and beats them hands down.
    The antivirus is still the number one scanner to use.

    So to prevent spway/adware/troyans use the Privacy properly and maybe use a safe browser like Firefox with addons/extensions or the Opera.
    Use an antivirus and keep it updated -this will not just detect the usual worms and viruses but also the many troyans and malware.

    Go here:

    and download the PDF report for the August 2008 "On demand Comparitives" after clicking on the "Comparitives" either in the main menu or in the sidebar.
    (by the way, the antivirus I use is detecting 99.2&#37; of troyans and 96.2&#37; of the malware).

    Ever stop and think why those top of the line antispyware scanners such as counterspy, spysweeper, spyware doctor, spyware terminator and now even ad-aware all include an antivirus engine in to their scanners? The reason I am guessing is because the antivirus still does a better job - if the spyware scanners could not beat the antivirus at it's own game, then they had decided to instead join the antivirus team.

    I have no antispyware scanners.
    I used to use free asquared on demand, but it too found nothing, so I uninstalled it as well.
    I do the usual checks for malware with autoruns and process explorer and with the HJT and do some manual checking of the browser, windows folders and the registry and of course the documents and settings. And with the occasional every two or three month scan with the antivirus - the final result of my checking and from the antivirus is zero problems.

    Just my two cents.


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    Best regards.

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    cchief Guest

    Default Re: Spontaneous increase in shutdown time

    I'm having the same difficulty except you can add slow start up as well. I've tried the 7.0. and that's when start up was affected.

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    Default Re: ZA8.0 + FF + Counterspy3 +, + , +...

    Hello all,
    Check out this test I know it's old but will give you an idea about why Guru Oldsod has such a low opinion of spyware scanners

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    Default Re: ZA8.0 + FF + Counterspy3 +, + , +...

    Thank you, Guru Greb49er.

    Also see:

    "Antispyware is a waste of time and money"

    Andreas Marx test results of adware and spyware detections by the commercial antiviruses. This is a well respected test lab and the samples used are not just a selected dozen (the usual count used the computer magazines for testing) or just a 100 or so by some unofficial tester, instead it is a large number resembling the real world samples of 83054:


    this link is taken from here:

    It can be argues the average antivirus does not properly handle some spyware such as Vundo or a Zlob.
    But considering Vundo usually enters in cracked software which include cracked antiviruses and security suites, this Vundo can be avoided by not using cracked software.
    Zlob infections can be avoided by not installing rogue activeX from unsafe sites and this includes any CodeC for media from unsafe sites.

    Best regards.

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