Hello all! First note that I am using Windows Vista Ultimate

Today I upgraded from version 8.0.15 to 8.0.20 and performed a "clean" install (as prompted by the install box).

Everything looks normal, loads up normal, etc. as determined by general feel.

However, looking at the Programs under the "Program Control" tab had some weird program names.

One for example was "8a;'Xa@eystem32/rundll32.exe" and was given a Custom label (as compared to the Auto label) under SmartDefense

To do a little inquiry, I look at my OSFirewall log and it shows that funky program file opening C:\Windows\system32\consent.exe, which I'm going to assume is due to me needing to allow administrative access to the command prompt while I was doing some ipconfig/netstat things. If you're familiar with Vista, then you'll understand that you have to Allow or Deny access for A TON OF PROGRAMS when they want to load.

Since this is a clean install, my first hunch is that this is simply a corrupt database. As the weird program was not seen on any of the previous days when I was using the earlier 8.0.15 ZA-ISS version or the even earlier 7.1 versions. After removing the file from the Program list, it goes away and doesn't come back.

Again, I decide to run command prompt (cmd.exe) as an administrator, and am prompted to allow or deny the program from running. The funky program comes back onto the program list, and is spotted again on the OSFirewall log as mentioned above.

Any ideas anyone?

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