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Thread: VSMON service can't be disabled

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    csaag Guest

    Default VSMON service can't be disabled

    I running Xp Home (SP2) on my laptop and I'm having problems where Internet Explorer can only connect to the Internet (via DSL modem) in Safe ModeI ran services.msc to see what services were running.
    It's lists VSMON as 'automatic'; it won't let me change it to 'disabled'. I don't have ZoneAlarm installed on the system anymore (I don't rememeber at what point I unistalled it).

    Windows security center reports that a firewall is active, but Windows firewall is not loaded.
    So is vsmon keeping me from getting internet acees through Explorer?
    The connection icon in the system tray says I am connected.
    I can't rename/delete the Windows/system32/ZoneLabs folder either.

    I'm doignthis from my user account that has administrative privledges.
    How can I fully uninstall ZoneAlarm?
    There is no ZoneAlarm icon inthe system tray and it doesn't show up in the add/remove program list.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: VSMON service can't be disabled

    Follow these instructions to do a manual uninstall in Safe Mode:

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: VSMON service can't be disabled

    Unless I'm missing something really big in the csaag's post, there is not ZA installed. Most likely made THE FATAL MISTAKE of using Add/Remove ZA instead of ZA's nice, working, proven good, uninstaller. I can't see how else vsmon still would be running.

    Considering that there is no ZA idon in the system tray nor ZA in the program files, the famous 27-point uninstallation is unlikely to work since it'll fail on step 1.
    You cannot select/click/run/execute/delete/browse something that is not there.
    It's like asking Excel to count hidden sheets, you can't see'm you can't count'm

    What might, just might help, is install any version of ZA, free, paid, suite, anything. Then it'll be in the program files, where the /clean switch on the uninstaller should work. Unless the installation will fail due to the ZA service still running...

    There might be another solution. In safe mode, set vsmon service to Disabled. Perhaps then it'll not appear in normal mode. Just speculating
    If there is something else protecting ZA as well as ZA protects itself, that something else may need to be told, somehow, to let vsmon go away.

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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: VSMON service can't be disabled

    I suggested the manual uninstall since Services reports vsmon as starting in automatic. I thought that a manual uninstall might remove such remnants.

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: VSMON service can't be disabled

    "To remove ZoneAlarm completely from your computer in case normal uninstall can t be run or doesn t run properly, do the following:

    * Right click the ZoneAlarm systray icon and click Restore ZoneAlarm Control Center.

    Go to Overview > Preferences and uncheck Load ZoneAlarm at startup.

    Close Control Center, right click the icon again and then click Shutdown ZoneAlarm.

    Note: If you're unable to carry out this step because the icon is missing, you can skip it and proceed with the next steps, but in this case do them all in safe mode!"

    HammerNU, I totally missed the part in the Note section. OOOOOPPPPS
    Yeah, that should take care of it.

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