I upgraded to zonealarm 8.* and it completely destroyed my machine. It takes up 100% CPU and does nothing. It's very upsetting, since I JUST paid for anther year subscription. I wanted to know if there is anyway I can download the newest 7.* version since that was the latest version I had before upgrading to 8.* and destroying my machine.

I downloaded:

Uninstaller will run and ask you to reboot.

Download 7.0.483.000 and save the installer to your desktop. Then double click the installer file to install.


And when I attempted to install that version, said my machine was NOT okay lol and wouldn't let me install. I than ran it in windows compatibility mode (XP SP2) and it ran. Then at 100% installed it crashed on me and I reboot, then when I start it says "enter your licence info" I than enter my key, and about 15 mins later it pops up saying the antivirus system is broken blah blah.

So is there a new version I can download of the 7 series of zonealarm? Been using it for a year no problem, then I update and **bleep** hits the fan ^_^