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Thread: Is ZoneAlarm + AVG OK?

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    oldgrantonian Guest

    Default Is ZoneAlarm + AVG OK?

    My daughter has WinXP Home.

    I want to install the latest stable ZoneAlarm Free and the latest stable AVG Free.

    Are there any current incompatibilities between these programs?

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Is ZoneAlarm + AVG OK?

    Sorry no one had answered before. Anyhow, the best answer is - it should be compatible. Click here for downloading tips and guidelines >

    Best to stay with 7.0.483 for now. First make sure all previous security software is either properly un-installed (firewall, anti-virus) and/ or 'temporarily' shut-off any anti-spyware software just prior to ZA install. Get it up and running for a bit and then install AVG free av.<hr>As with anything - can issues be had, sure - click here and peruse &gt;;sort_by=-date

    You can always check for info about most items by using the 'red search box' on the top of these pages; you can find past issues and possible solutions for just about anything with ZA and ____?<hr>:8}NaiveMelody NYC 9-21-08 - Blue Moon - The Marcels

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    oldgrantonian Guest

    Default Re: Is ZoneAlarm + AVG OK?

    Thanks for your help

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