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Thread: BACKUP.RDB corruption of index - longtime problem driving me to distraction

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    Default BACKUP.RDB corruption of index - longtime problem driving me to distraction

    Time to renew my ZoneAlarm Pro license. For the first time since ver 3 I have to think twice.

    Of the two most intractable problems I ve experienced in version after version, the one that has finally begun interfering with my work is the continual corruption of my hard drive.

    I m on WinXP SP2 (I uninstalled SP3) and this is my third hard drive in a year trying to stop this problem.

    Every time I restart my system, chkdsk /F is set to run. When I check my drive during the day, running chkdsk from Windows, it s always the same problem. There is always a file or an index entry that s corrupted and the file or entry is always BACKUP.RDB.

    I have /clean uninstalled and reinstalled various versions of ZAPro a huge number of times. I have reformatted my drives a number of times and finally replaced my hard drive three times this year because after awhile chkdsk /R doesn t even fix it. In doing so, I have reinstalled WinXP from scratch at least twice and once I tried the Repair Console. Surface scans and a battery of diagnostics show the disks are always in perfect shape. But within a couple of days programs start to object and stop and I need to run chkdsk and sure enough: It comes down to the entries from ZoneAlarm Pro.

    I used Norton Partition Magic 8.0 to fix the problems several times and to reformat when it couldn t fix them but finally, on my latest HD, Norton says there s a Partition Table Error and won t run. So I reformatted from scratch and within a day an error in the index occurs, chkdsk erases the index for BACKUP.RDB and suggests I run chkdsk /F at next startup. And here we go again.

    I wonder if this is related, from the very first installation a long time ago, I know that I have always gotten this warning in the EVENT VIEWER/APPLICATIONS:

    EVENT ID 4101
    The content index filter for file "c:\windows\internet logs\zalog.txt" generated content data more than 8 times the file's size.

    I'm not sure it was either in this forum or another or from tech support I learned this was supposedly an innocuous warning and could be ignored. I d been used to seeing it as a set of 8 entries on any given day. But as I was looking for the actual wording of the warning to write this, I found yesterday there were 41 instances of this Warning from CI about zalog.txt that took over my computer from 11am until around 12:30 pm. And after lunch there were another 41 warnings from around 3:30 to 4:30 and then in the evening there were another 8 warnings around 11:30pm.

    Innocuous it may be but I can t help but think that this is part of this chkdsk problem and another problem that has recently been occurring where my computer resources are tied up and it won t respond to my input for several seconds.

    I have requested tech support advice over the years and have been told to uninstall /clean and reinstall. I've looked for other people with the same problem in the forum. I think I may have posted once a very long while back. I ve never found a solution. For a few months, I was checking this year-old, unsolved thread:
    Finally, I posted to it in January hoping someone would pick up on it. Nothing.

    I m almost embarrassed to post this because I feel like a newbie *****, but let me repeat, I have uninstalled /clean, deleted any last traces of ZAPro including INTERNET LOGS and run Registry Cleaners then reinstalled ZoneAlarm Pro and retrained it several times. I have reformatted my disk and reinstalled Windows and every program from scratch (in case I might be backing up a corrupted file or something.) In less than a day, chkdsk says it s deleting the Index Entry for BACKUP.RDB and I should run it with the F Switch at next startup.

    What am I doing wrong or not doing that I should be? Why do I have this persistent problem with ZAPro why doesn t everyone have it?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    Default Re: BACKUP.RDB corruption of index - longtime problem driving me to distraction

    Questions:[*]using compressed contents to save space in the windows?[*]before reinstalling windows, was the hdd erased first? and the full reformat used and not the quick format method?[*]did a defragment of the drive before doing the checkdisk?[*]tried to delete the backup.rdb and the iamdb.rdb files in the safe mode, immediately clean the recycle bin and then do a checkdisk immediately from the safe mode?
    That should work with the ZA installed if the file in question is no longer there as the ZA will only regenerate the backup.rdb file on windows startup. [*]looked here?

    and then here?

    Best regards.

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