I was just fiddling around with Vista and noticed that if you change your network (whether it be at home, school, work etc.) from a "Public" listing to a "Private" listing, you get a few strange ports that automatically switch to open/listening.

After reading the Window's explanation, it seems that they do this to allow easier trafficking of data/information between computers on a "trusted private" network.

One of the ports is TCP 5 thousand something ( I forgot the last 3 digits, and another corresponds to the network discovery service and opens UDP 3 thousand something (

Strangely enough, the TCP port that is open has some Socket initialization error.

Will ZA-Firewall still protect us under these conditions?

Or is it best to always leave the network as "Public" to keep your network computers unseen and ports closed?

Oldsod, I remember you helping someone with this in a previous post, I believe back in June when he was asking about "hardening" his computer and what not.

Have a good weekend all!

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