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Thread: Intenet Security Firewall Question

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    jamesfedwards Guest

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    Hello - I have ZA ISS installed on my computers, but just use it for the firewall (I use a different AV program).
    Is it necessary for me to continue to renew the program each year when my subscription expires if I am only using the firewall and keeping AV and AS off?
    the firewall continue to work if I don't continue to subscribe?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    riceorony Guest

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    I believe that the firewall continues to work when the subscription expires.

    But if you only want the firewall, why not just download the free version available on the website?

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    jamesfedwards Guest

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    Thanks for your response.
    I was under the impression that the paid firewall provided better outbound protection than the free firewall.
    That is why I was wondering if my paid firewall will still be fully functional after my subscription runs out.

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    prof_fate Guest

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    AFAIK, all Five versions of Zonelarm use the Same Firewall..
    The four Paid Versions offer more added features to provide Better protection..

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