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Thread: zonealarm not running???

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    fabforrest Guest

    Default zonealarm not running???

    not sure where to post this, but will try here.

    started up earlier today and my free avg virus software detected and deleted some stuff. first time for that.

    started up later (running XP under bootcamp on a macpro)and got a warning from windows that zonealarm (i use the free version) was not running. cannot figure out how the start it up. looked for a zonealarm panel, but can't find one in control panels. should i uninstall and the reinstall?

    tried downloading and reinstalling and get a message during setup that says "setup unable to log into the vector service" it then instructs me to use service manager to shut down the vector service.

    i have no idea how to do this.

    i have turned on the windows firewall, but would rather get zonealarm working again.

    appreciate the help

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default AVG killed ZA

    fabforrest, read everyting in these posts > ( just below this post of yours :0 ) >

    and here &gt; .<hr>
    It seems like the new AVG update has detected ZA firewalls and killed it (false positive/ overkill). Read thru the entire thread. You may need to re-install ZA Free &gt;
    - get 7.0.483 only.<hr>Un-install and re-install. &gt;

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