installation ZoneAlarm Security Suite synchs properly with the Windows Security Center.
After running a Registry Cleaner (RegSupremePro and cleaning the Registry the synching stops. No problem so far because the program backed up the changes that it made. So I restore the changes made by the program but the synching does not get restored.
As I have the back up of the full registry I now restore from there. The synching still doesn't get restored. So I am fixed well and proper. Now I have no option but to restore the image of the C: drive. Once I do that the synching gets restored but my Registry remains in a mess.
I can perhaps check the 1200 defects in the Registry that RegSupremePro finds item by item and either delete or retain them but this is
far too cumbersome. So I request the gurus in this forum to tell me which value in the Registry controls the synching with Windows Security Center so that I may retain it while cleaning the Registry.
Also it is a mystery to me as to why the synching is not restored after the restoration of trhe Registry. Any explanation for that?
Best and regards,
Amarnath Wanchoo

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite