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Thread: ZAP Status Stating no Anti Virus but Anti Virus is on

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    computeu Guest

    Default ZAP Status Stating no Anti Virus but Anti Virus is on

    On my ZAP version 7.1.245 which I was directed to install on my Vista Home Premium software as my regular ZAP won't work with Vista I am told that my status regarding anti virus protection is absent. I am running Norton and it is enabled and running. The version of ZAP on my mainframe computer and satellites has more features on it and clearly states that my anti virus is Norton and functions well. This so-called compatible version on Vista which I have installed won't support cashe cleaning, file removal and it says there is no anti virus programming monitoring my computer. Norton is installed and working fine and I don't know how to command ZAP to recognize it. I know this is a moot point as Norton is actually running but I am old school and believe that if I own ZAP (which I have for over a decade), all of it should display properly. Any advice or recommendations to rectify this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Computeu, Northglenn, CO

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: ZAP Status Stating no Anti Virus but Anti Virus is on

    Click here &gt;<hr>ZoneAlarm is 'phasing out' the anti-virus monitoring feature in 8.0 and in Vista 7.1 versions that feature may have already been discontinued; nevertheless, Anti-virus monitoring is more of &quot;convenience rather than an essential security concern.&quot; No worries. ZoneAlarm not recognizing your anti-virus does not indicate incompatibility or any problems.<hr>As long
    as you know your av is running - and it will certainly let it's presence be known - you should not worry about ZA Pro monitoring it (it actually consumes some of your pc's resources). Your Windows Security Center will still monitor your anti-virus and firewall.<hr>:8}NaiveMelody NYC 10-29-08 - Half Your Age - Kid Rock
    There was a time when you could go to the gas station and get 'full service' - windshield cleaning, oil checked; now-a-days - self service - you pump your own gas and check your own oil.

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    computeu Guest

    Default Re: ZAP Status Stating no Anti Virus but Anti Virus is on

    Thank you for respondding and responding so quickly and thoroughly. It is seldom if ever that I have any issue with ZAP as, for me, ZAP is one software that runs well and needs little attention as it goes about it's business. In over a decade of using computers and being on the net, ZAP has been loaded on all my machines (curently 6 PC's and
    two laptops) and has combatted any number of net threats. Subsequent to reading many threads and of course your response, I have turned of the monitoring and hopefully gained a little CPU usage in the bargain. I also miss my cashe cleaner and site visit cleaner in 7.1.245 as Norton clean sweep and IE 7 total delete don't always clean everything out like ZAP does. Oh well, one must move on. I also use Norton to monitor email in and out and spyware monitoring and have ZAP's turned off to prevent conflicts.Despite this I still use ZAP as my firewall and feel it is a great way to protect all my computers from the greater number of cyber threats the inernet presents. Thanks again for responding and responding so well and quickly; have a nice day.
    Computeu, Northglenn, CO

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