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Thread: Unable to disable mobile code control

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    Default Unable to disable mobile code control

    System in use:Zone Alarm Security Suite Ver XP Service Pack 3IE 7
    Since installing ZoneAlarm Security Suite Ver I have been unable to disable Mobile Code control for more than about 1 min.
    There are certain websites (American Express for example) I need to access by allowing javascript etc.
    With the previous versions of Security Suite
    did this by going into custom settings and disabling mobile code control temporarily. When I
    finished on the website I would restore the mobile code restriction. Now when I do this the mobile code restrction re-activates automatically after about 1 min and places ticks in all four mobile code boxes. If I un-tick them manually and apply or go to "Reset to default" and apply it still changes back to full restrictions in a minute or so. Generally this means I will be part way through what
    I am doing on the website and find that I am blocked from proceeding, usually having to start again. As the change happens after as little as 1 min, the only solution has been to disable Zone Alarm completely - hardly a soultion I want to use.
    Another symptom has been that now when I engage the internet lock manually by right clicking on the Z icon in the system tray, this
    unlocks automatically after about a minute. Just to make it complete, Security Suite keeps giving an indication of running an update even when one has been run the same day. When I click on "View Update" it does not show anything. Shutting down Security Suite while I am offline solves this, but it is still another event
    I do not expect to see.
    I tried re-installing Zone Alarm Security Suite over my existing installation (of the same version), but it has not made any difference. I have tried to avoid doing a full uninstall/clean re-install because of all the data I would have to re-enter into the Vault. Now I am leaning towards re-installing the previous version (70_483_000) as I had no problems with it.
    Any suggestions or comments would be welcome.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Unable to disable mobile code control

    Hi!th upgrade did not go well and your ZA database is corrupted (where settings are stored).Before every upgrade it is useful to make a backup of the settings (ZA overview --> backup), so in case of problem you can always go back to a previous working state.Now I am afraid the best way to proceed is to:1. Completely remove ZASS with /clean switch and removing all folders associated to ZA. See here: Redownload the latest Reinstall with default settings.4. Do your customisation and Myvault5. Backup your settings for future useCheers,Fax

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