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Thread: Disable boot scan?

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    Default Disable boot scan?

    Hi, I just upgraded from the free ZA firewall to Pro with the free birthday giveaway.

    But I notice that when windows boots up then it takes a long time for ZA to load (No trayicon, but zlcient is in taskmanager), and nothing will run until it has loaded. I assume this has to do with the Early Boot Protection. Is there a way to improve the boot speeds, an option to disable the boot scan maybe? I also had this issue with the 30 trial of ZASS, but the free firewall is unaffected.

    This is my first post so I apologise if I posted it in the wrong section.


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    there is not boot scan in ZAPRO...

    If you have upgraded instead of clean install, you may want to remove ZA with /clean switch and reinstall.
    Otherwise it is normal ZAPRO in the first weeks of use is slower. It will adjust to you machine and start faster with use.

    But an increase of 30 second to 2 minutes boot time (depending on the amount of processes loading on the system and depending on memory used) should be taken into account. If it is more than there is a problem or a conflict.

    Unless you boot up every 15/30 minutes this delay should be OK and negligible.
    If you boot more often you could simply hibernate or standby the system instead of shutting it down.


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