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Thread: block torrent program > ports in the router and in the ZA firewall

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    eenhoorn Guest

    Default block torrent program > ports in the router and in the ZA firewall

    How can I easiest block any torrent program. Every time I come back to my computer someone has downloaded another of these wonderful things, though parental control is nicely checked in the freeware/download bit.....

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: block torrent program

    Just place the other users (I assume younger peoples) not in the admin accounts with full install privileges, but in limited user accounts (with no install privileges).
    This avoids entirely the problem.

    Plus using the password protection for the ZA will help too - changes can not be made to the network and program access with out your authority.

    Other than that, blocking the torrent ports in the router (or nat enabled modem) and in the ZA firewall (advanced of the firewall main panel) will stop the actual torrent traffic.

    Usually there are default ports for the p2p applications and these can be custmized to use different ports.

    Bittorrent default 6881-6889 TCP
    edonkey fully configurable default 4662/TCP
    Gnutella default 6346-6347 TCP
    Morpheus default 6346-6347 TCP
    Kazaa default 1214 TCP
    EMule fully configurable default 4662/TCP
    WinMx fully configurable default 6699/TCP
    Limewire default 6346/6347 TCP
    Napster client default 6699 TCP alternate 6600-6699 TCP
    BearShare default 6346 TCP

    to name a few.
    Best regards.

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    eenhoorn Guest

    Default Cheers!

    yes, that was what I liked to know! Keep it safe and simple!

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    Default Re: Cheers!

    You are welcome eenhoorn.
    Best regards.

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