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Thread: zonealarm not responding, can't open or close programs

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    xytrix Guest

    Default zonealarm not responding, can't open or close programs


    I'm having a problem where ZoneAlarm will occasionally stop working, and when it does, it locks down my whole system pretty much.

    Occasionally I'll come back to my desktop and find that my internet no longer works. I can still interact with the computer, but disabling/re-enabling the network connection doesn't help, and the ZoneAlarm UI will not open. When this happens, I also can't open any other programs or I get the error "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file." I can close programs just fine, but not open them again. I can tell the problem is ZoneAlarm, because it is the one program I can close and open again, but when the computer is in this state, after reopening ZoneAlarm it will just display this message indefinitely: "Please stand by... ZoneAlarm Pro is initializing." The tray icon just says "Protection is up, UI is initializing".

    I'm currently experiencing the problem with ZoneAlarm Pro 8, but I've seen it with version 7 too. Rebooting will fix it temporarily, but I'd like to finally find out why the problem is occurring. I can't really debug the error much since I can't open any programs while the system is in this state.

    Anyone have ideas what could be going on?


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    stupefy Guest

    Default Re: zonealarm not responding, can't open or close programs

    What is the exact full version of ZoneAlarm Pro?
    Is there any other Security Software installed?
    What if any other Security Software have you Uninstalled?
    Is the Windows Firewall Off?
    Is Windows fully up to date?
    What version of Browser are you using?
    What type and size of Processor does the System have?
    How much RAM is in the System?
    What is the Size of the Hard Drive?
    How much Free Space is on the Hard Drive?
    What type of Internet Connection, Cable, Dial-up, DSL?
    When was the last time you cleared Temporary Intenet Files, History, Cookies, Prefetch and Temporary Files?
    When was the last time you cleaned the Registry?
    When was the last time you Defraged the Hard Disk?
    Does this all happen in an Administrative Account or Limited Account or both?

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