I have notice a problem with zonealarm. Whenever I go to a folder that has a large exe file in it like xp sp2 which is over 270000kb, that the folder will take forever to open compared to folders that do not have that large of a exe file. It also happens if I have xp sp3 file in the folder, which is also a large exe file. Also if I try and click on one of the files and look at properties it take forever. I have notices that I can uncheck the on-access scanning and the problem is not there. I am sure it is that zonealarm is trying to scan the file and since both sp2 and sp3 are very large exe files it take a long time. I also noticed that I have the scan option set to skip if the object is bigger than 8mb. This must not prevent it from scanning them when the on-access scanning is checked. I did notice that I could do a zonealarm scan of the file and it would then let me click on the file without any problems. If I then restarted the computer and then tried to right click on sp2 or sp3 file for xp it would again take forever to do anything. Looking on the task manager I could see the problem was scanning process was scanning the file. Has anyone else seen this problem ?
The way I fixed this without cutting off on-access scanning was to go to anti-virus advance options then exceptions and placing both the sp2 or sp3 files as exception to scanning.
I tried this on two fast computers with large memory and was running 8.0.059 zonealarm