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Thread: Zone alarm log question

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    eminem Guest

    Default Zone alarm log question

    Do you delete all the logs automatically if you click delete
    log on the advanced settings menu
    or does it just delete
    the current one? thanks. If it just deletes the current one i have a problem because my logs aren't being saved correctly.

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: Zone alarm log question

    What version of ZA you run, paid, free and complete version numeber please?
    It deletes the one in use, the current one.
    You can delete ZAlog.txt or ZAlog[date].txt from explorer.
    You can delete from the advanced settings. That will save the ZAlog with date, and start a new one. You may need to shut down ZA client (use the icon) and restart it from Program files for the new file to be made.

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