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Thread: LMHOST file lookup, should this be checked or unchecked?

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    Default LMHOST file lookup, should this be checked or unchecked?

    Hello all,

    Enable LMHOST file lookup (LMHOST = Lan manager host file lookup) under the Network Connections --> Internet Protocols (TCP/IP) properties (Advanced tab). I've read that this setting is only needed to be enabled for certain complex networking systems, otherwise it can be safely disabled with no harm for the end-user.

    Is this true? Or is it recommended to uncheck this box just like disabling Netbios over TCP/IP?

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    Default Re: LMHOST file lookup, should this be checked or unchecked?

    For the typical home user i.e. a single PC for instance, the LMHost is not used or needed.

    Originally the host file and the lmhost file were used back in the very olden and ancient days when the number of networked/interneted computer was very limited and a few in numbers. It was then more convienent to use permanent dns lookups for the specific computers/servers that were internet (host) connected and for the local area network connections (lmhost file).

    This approach is never really used by the home user. Although certain permanent dns lookups can be added to the host file to make quicker and more immediate connections to certain often used servers. And this is seldom practised by home users.
    This is the original purpose of the host and lmhost files - to give the dns or IP for certain often used servers an immediate lookup. And very seldom is this used by home users.
    Most times a home user says they use the host file, they instead mean they use the host file with the loopback address ( ) entries for blocking certain URLs.
    Instead if giving the dns address for the URL.

    Desktops and workstations and servers used by enterprise and business is a different story - they may well use the host and lmhost files as originally intended.

    So in most situations the lmhost file is not used by a home user.
    And it is not needed.
    (lock the host and lmhost file inside of the ZA or just manually set the file to read only and not

    Best regards.

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