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Thread: ZoneAlarm 8 problem on XP guest account

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    effo Guest

    Default ZoneAlarm 8 problem on XP guest account

    I have ZoneAlarm 8.0.065 installed on a new Dell Vostro 1310 running a clean install of XP Pro SP3 with AVG8. It behaves normally on the two main user accounts, but when logging onto the Guest account, ZA seems to take longer than usual to initialise, then opens a blank ZA window and launches Firefox to display a Check Point welcome page. This is what would be expected on the first use but is a nuisance when it happens every time! Is there any way I can stop ZA from going through this first use routine on the Guest account?

    I have checked the other PCs I use, all of which are set up similarly, and logging onto the Guest account causes no unexpected windows to open, although again ZA seems to take longer to initialise. Double clicking the ZA tray icon opens a ZA window that is blank but this is fine for a guest user. I guess the key difference with these machines is that ZA was installed when they were running XP SP2, although they subsequently all upgraded to SP3.

    I have tried a clean uninstall of ZA on the Vostro, followed by a re-installation - no change. I also tried uninstalling, installing v7.0.483 (no web page!) then upgrading to v8 - the problem returns! Perhaps I should stick with V7 for now. Any other suggestions?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    stupefy Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm 8 problem on XP guest account

    Boot into Safe Mode through the Administrator Account
    Open Windows Explorer, from the Explorer Tool Bar Navigate to: Tools/Folder Options/View/
    Enable the Radio Button : Show hidden files and folders
    Disable the Box: Hide protected operating system files
    Navigate to: Documents and Settings\Guest\
    Clear all Cookies, History, Temporary Internet Files, TEMP Files, and Recent Files
    Clear the Windows Prefetch Files: C:\Windows\Prefetch Disable the Guest Account from Control Panel
    Reboot the Computer into the Account where ZoneAlarm is Installed
    Enable the Guest Account from Control Panel
    Log Off from your Account and Log On To the Guest Account
    NOTE: Upgrading ZoneAlarm v7 to ZoneAlarm v8 is best practiced by an Complete Uninstall of ZoneAlarm v7 followed by
    an Fresh Install of v8 as v8 is designed for Windows XP Service Pack 3

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    effo Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm 8 problem on XP guest account

    Thank you for your suggestion. I have not had chance to try it out until just now.

    I followed your instructions to the letter but hit one problem: When I opened the user accounts while still logged as administrator in Safe mode, there was no sign of the Guest account although the other accounts were all available. Therefore I was unable to disable the Guest account at this point.

    I continued with your instructions to the point where I would re-enable the Guest account from my usual user account, where it was of course already enabled. I then logged onto the guest account and unfortunately ZA behaved exactly as before, opening a ZA web page, a blank ZA window and refusing to remember the 'Do not show this message again' message while closing the ZA window.

    Incidentally, this ZA problem occurred originally as soon I had first enabled the guest account, which itself happened immediately after installing AVG8 and ZA in a new clean XP SP3 install. IF ZA is unable to store the fact that it has performed its 'run once only' action, is there somewhere in the registry where I can enter this manually?

    Any further help will be much appreciated.

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