For quite some time, I've noticed that the icon for ZoneAlarm doesn't always appear in my system tray when I sign on to my machine.
I finally realized that this happened right after the Windows update occurred weekly.
When I check the Control Panel Security Center, it reports that the ZoneAlarm firewall is up-to-date and turned on
but I have no way to
access the ZoneAlarm status page.
I've tried going to the program folder and starting ZoneAlarm from there, but nothing happens.
Once I log off again and log back on, everything seems to be all right.

During the log off process when the icon didn't appear, an error message pops up that a program is running and I have to stop it manually in order to log off.
The program will have a random name that consists of a letter and number, such as "8f" or something similar.
When this first happened, thinking that some type of malware had gotten on my machine, I tried googling the program name(s) but nothing ever came up to match.
I'm using IE7, Windows XP, and the free version of the ZoneAlarm firewall.

I've tried googling the problem as well as checking the Microsoft site and ZoneAlarm and can find nothing that seems
to address this exact problem.
I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this behavior or if anyone might offer suggestions about what might be going on?

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)