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Thread: Trouble with ZASS and HP Laserjet 4200

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    Default Trouble with ZASS and HP Laserjet 4200

    I have several HP printers installed on my network all of which are stand alone network units not shared printers.
    They all have jetdirects either build in or externally attached to the printers.All printers work fine no issues at all.
    We installed the 4200 and ZASS keeps it from working correctly.
    With ZASS off printer will load via start/settings/printers, right click on the 4200 and click properties and then print test page all in about 15-20 seconds max.Print from applications and works fine again 15-20 max time from click to print out.
    Turn on ZASS and it goes to **bleep**per.Using the same process as above it takes 1-2 minutes for the properties window to appear, then if you click print test page, that will be another 1 minute before it prints.
    Printing from applicaitons are just as bad.This process also slows the computer down to a crawl and locks up until the properties menu comes up for the 4200.
    With ZASS on i can still print from all of my other HP printers without any issues at all, they all print the same with or without ZASS on.
    I have uninstalled ZASS and I have uninstalled HP software, install them both back in and still the same issue.
    I have updated the firmware in the printer and no change,
    I have also tested 2 other drivers with the 4200 and still nothing helps.
    Any help would be appriecated.
    I have also tried the other "exclution fix" that was posted without any changes.
    I have also put ZA in game mode and that did nothing also.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Trouble with ZASS and HP Laserjet 4200 - RESOLVED

    Hi!I guess this is resolved and I can close it, have seen you message here:,Fax

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