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Thread: Will there be a Zone Alarm version working on Vista?

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    mikasund Guest

    Default Will there be a Zone Alarm version working on Vista?

    I have all the times problems with Zone Alarm on my Windows Vista computer.
    Today I lost my Internet connection. First I suspected the DSL modem, reseted it, connected another computer to it and found it working. Then I blamed Windows, but found, as usual, the problem to be Zone Alarm. When I moved the mouse over the ZL icon, a message saying UI is initializing was shown, and the UI could not be opened.
    First after I had uninstalled Zone Alarm (in safe mode, it could not be removed otherwise), the Internet connection started working.
    I Am tired on Zone Alarm now. Are there any other good firewalls? I Am willing to pay for a working firewall.
    The functionality of Zone Alarm is good. The problem is that the software
    is broken under Windows Vista.

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    mrz Guest

    Default Re: Will there be a Zone Alarm version working on Vista?

    Hi mikasund,
    I am running Free ZA version on Windows Vista Home Premium SP1. It works fine for me. I suggest that you do the following:

    1) download Free ZA to your desktop or other C:\ directory. But do not install yet.

    2) disconnect from the internet

    3) run virus scans and remove any problems you find

    4) remove current ZA from your computer... the standard uninstall is often not enough, follow the complete removal steps.

    5) install the new ZA from the file downloaded earlier

    6) reconnect to the internet.

    Now, downloading itself can be a problem - make sure you do it via the ZoneAlarm website using Internet Explorer.

    removing ZoneAlarm has many steps... discussed elsewhere in these forums (fora?).

    These may help you to get started:

    This talks about downloading ZA

    This contains instructions on removing ZA

    This is supposed to be a ZA removal tool (I haven't tried it)

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