I have just installed a Canon LBP2900 printer under Vista Home Basic, but ZAV prevents printing. (I know it is ZAV because I have shut it down and the printer works fine; I have tried this several times.) ZAV gives no alert, but the Canon printer status window appears and then freezes. I have tried giving maximum permissions to all Canon programs in ZAV, with no benefit. Does anyone have a clue what is going on? Any help gratefully received.

Am now fairly certain that the problem is a conflict with truevector. From an administrator account, tried turning of all firewall and AV protection but leaving ZAV running, i.e. truevector still running. Printer still will not print. Only way to get it to print is total shutdown of ZAV. In a limited account, tried shutting down ZAV, but of course could not shutdown truevector in that account. Unable to get printer to print at all from that account.

Operating System:
Windows Vista Home Basic
Product Name:
ZoneAlarm Antivirus

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