Normally I would use Trend Housecall's free online scan and have had difficulty at trying to get the scan to run. The bottom line is (or could have something to do) with java, I think. Because as I had updated or followed trend's lead to java and updated, it still doesn't recognize it, when I re-enter and start the process. Then their site's Help recommended removing prior Housecall's version 6.5, and I thought that might do it, but it doesn't get past the initial hang and it freezes. Also, during the Java check, it's not satified by the check, as it will flip the info. box that in order to run the scan, yoiu need to pay attention to the message in it. (Ok, well repeat the above chorus)..
Also, since Java doesn't delete or uninstall automatically, the older versions, there's quite a build up (at least on my machine) and that itself, seems odd or in the way of the scan being able to recognize the proper java.
as "really" being the current or the one
that they recommend but
isn't able to recognize or pass on to the take-off and scan process.
If any suggestions or info. in this one, I appreciate it. Thanks a lot..

I have Windows XP ProVersion 2002


and maybe the SP3 is another on the list of disputes or problematic(?)

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