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    Am I reading this correctly in that PC Tune-up Caused this issue, and that the instructions from largesoftware for fixing it are to undo the specific change that PC Tune-up did to the shortcuts?
    The response from Large posted above doesn't indicate that they are "fixing" this -- it just says to "undo" the change --
    so does this mean that we should avoid certain changed that PC Tune-up will want to do?
    I'm generally VERY tentative about using "tune-up" applications, and this essentially confirms the reason for this -- I just don't like "fiddling" with these sort of things.
    This kind of scares me off of using PC Tune-up a bit.

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    I moved your Request to it's own seperate Trend to Prevent "HI-JACKING" .. since you asking differents questions than the Original Poster asked..If you have a question or a problem Please start your own thread. And start only 1 thread for each problem.</COLOR> as a matter of Curtsey and to provide the Best solution to each Users problem, the Guideline Rules,ask each User to Please starttheir own thread. And start only 1 thread for each problem.</COLOR> This insures that each User receives a solution specific to their on Problem,When other user like yourself interject your own problem into the discussion of somebody else's problem, any advice or solution to your problem would confuse and may conflict with the solution to the Originating Users problem..Thank you in advance for you Cooperation in this matter..
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    Not for sure.For me it worked,but with any cleaning program you should do a backup.

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