After I experienced the issues discussed on this forum and on the net in general
like software lags as well as slow shutdowns, I decided to disable ZA V8 and wait to see if there will be a solution to that... In the meantime I thought using the Vista firewall....
So I unchked the option that runs ZA when PC starts, shut down ZA and activated Vista default Firewall and rebooted
Now the issue is, PC reboots and ZA is not running (no tray icon)... lag and slowdowns seem
gone but now weirdly, with Vista firewall running, the internet connection stops after few minutes until I reboot again, it works for few minutes and stops again...
So to make a test, I disabled Vista firewall and re-enabled ZA to start again with the PC, rebooted, ZA ran
and the internet is running all the time correctly without connection
going off...
My question is that, even though ZA
does not start with the PC (non system tray icon) is it still doing some activity in the background and conflicting with Vista firewall ?
Or is it a Vista firewall issue by itself?
I do not want to unistall ZA
all I need is to disable it for now until a fix to the V8 issues show on the horizons
tip is apreciated