Firstly, I
was very pleased to see several days that ZAP 8.0.298 was Vista 64 bit compatible, so I
**bleep** Firewall and proceeded to do
a clean install of ZAP 8.0.298
on Vista Ultimate 64 bit which appeared to go very
But the problem
is since installation of ZAP 8.0.298,

every email attachment received (in Outlook 2007) is being corrupted, regardless of whether Inbound Mailsafe protection is on or off. (Also it doesn't seem to relate to any one filetype). It's corrupting every email attachment
whether they be
jpg, pps, pdf, etc...). The corrupted attachments are never the same filesize as the original uncorrupted filesize. Sometimes an attachment (e.g. jpg) shows
the contents of the corrupted file as text in the body of the email.
I have not experienced any Outbound issues.
If I shutdown
ZAP, the problem instantly goes away (New emails received show no corruption in the
attachments whatsoever).Start ZAP again, and the problem is back.
It appears as if ZAP is corrupting email attachments.
As you can imagine, I would like to get my emails in one piece.
Anyone else
suffering the same issue ?
Any ideas on what I should do ?
For those curious, I'm also running NOD32 v4 Antivirus.

Operating System:Windows Vista 64 bit
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro