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Thread: TrueVector crashes in ZAISS (continuation of previous thread with same subject line)

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    stupefy Guest

    Default Re: TrueVector crashes in ZAISS (continuation)

    FIRST - Is Internet Explorer Fully Up to Date via Windows Update?
    If not, do it Now.....If so, OK.....
    This works for me:
    Periodically Repair the Network Connection and Flush the DNS Resolver Cache
    (1) RightClick the Internet Connection Icon down by the System Clock and Choose Repair
    (2) START/Run/ -and type in cmd and press enter
    at the Command Prompt type in ipconfig /flushdns and press enter
    Setup Global Privacy Rules and Customize Frequently Visited Sites
    Navigate to:
    ZoneAlarm Interface/Privacy/Main/Cookie Control/Custom Button/
    Under the Cookies Tab:
    Block session cookies = Disabled
    Block persistent cookies = Disabled
    Block 3rd party cookies = Enabled
    Disable web bugs = Enabled
    Block private header information = Enabled
    Expire cookies = Enabled
    Expire cookies Immediately after receipt = Enabled
    Show Privacy Advisor = Enabled
    Under the Ad Blocking Tab:
    Banner/Skyscraper ads = Disabled
    Pop-up/pop-under = Enabled
    Animation = Disabled
    When an ad is blocked, fill the space with = Nothing
    Under the Mobile Code Tab:
    Block JavaScript = Disabled
    Block scripts = Disabled
    Block embedded objects = Disabled
    Block mime-type integrated objects = Disabled
    These Rules will act as the Global Privacy Rules
    Delete all the Sites listed in the Site List (ZoneAlarm Interface/Privacy/Site List)
    Repair the Internet Connection
    Flush the DNS Resolver Cache at the Command Prompt
    Clear the Internet Cache, History, Cookies, and such you navigate the Web, the Global Privacy Rules will Block Most Unwanted Content
    When you encounter an Web Site that you prefer to Harden or Loosen the Privacy Rules then
    Edit the Sites listed in the Site List
    Always Edit the Sites in the Site List first at the Site List Level from Right to Left, then
    Highlight the Site in the Site List and Click on the Options Button in the Lower Right Corner to
    further Edit the Site Rules.....only Edit here what is not visible in the Site List, this Preserves
    the Original Global Rules for that particular Site.
    I have never had an problem with the Privacy Control or Navigating the Web.

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    vicsam Guest

    Default Re: TrueVector crashes in ZAISS (continuation of previous thread with same subject line)

    >sorry to hear you have problem with IE, but this is unfortunately not related to ZA.>You should try to install the new version 8 of IE, may be this may you will get your corruption corrected.
    I'm not sure what "corruption" you're talking about... but I won't install IE8 until it's been out long enough for other people to work out the bugs. I don't need the hassle of installing less-than-REALLY road-tested Microsoft stuff, and try to avoid doing so.
    > Or use another computer from your friend? Shop? Internet Cafe?
    >Alternative contact ZA customer support live chat: link in support page ( and explain you can't contact ZA technical support and if there is another mean to contact them.
    Already tried that. I was so dumbfounded by the lack of any actual help that I saved a copy of the chat so that I could prove it actually happened. It was very short, and when he couldn't answer my questions, the rep simply "hung up."
    Here's the transcript:
    ~~~~~info: Welcome to ZoneAlarm Customer Service.
    An online chat agent will be with you shortly.
    You are number 2 in the queue.
    Your wait time will be 1min(s) 55sec(s)
    Thank you for waiting.

    info: You are now chatting with 'Kevin'
    Kevin: Thank you for contacting ZoneAlarm Customer Service. How may I help you today?
    Me: Hi, Kevin. What I want to do is get a message to Zone Labs' product development team. Can you please pass mine to them?
    Kevin: I have no control of that
    Me: Well then, how can I get a message to them? Can you give me an email address?
    Kevin: I can get the link for you 1 minute
    Me: That is only the contact us page from the website. It directs the user to the forums for tech support (whuch are staffed by volunteer gurus, and ZA does not participate in them), or the customer service link - which got me you. I need a link or email address that will actually get me to the people AT ZoneLabs.
    Kevin: That is the only link I have
    Me: Then back to my original question.... how *CAN* I get a message to them?
    Kevin: I don' Have that ability
    Me: I didn't say you did. I asked how *I* could do it. Never mind, as this doesn't seem to be getting anywhere. Then let me ask one more question before I go... how can I download a PREVIOUS version of ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite. The new/current one has a problem none of the gurus at the forums can solve.
    Kevin: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.
    Kevin: I will be right with you.
    Kevin: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.
    Kevin: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.
    Kevin: I am ending this chat session. If you have any other issues, feel free to open a new chat via the Support page. Thank you for using ZoneAlarm Live Chat.
    info: Chat session has been terminated by the agent.
    I located the Release History page for downloading previous versions myself
    after this chat - you will notice that the rep didn't even give ANY kind of answer to THAT question. It was like talking to an Elmo doll with a limited set of programmed responses.

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    vicsam Guest

    Default Re: TrueVector crashes in ZAISS (continuation)

    My system apparently displays settings differently than yours...
    Everything is always fully up to date via Windows Update
    (which is NOT telling me
    to install IE8, BTW).
    >Periodically Repair the Network Connection and Flush the DNS Resolver Cache(1) RightClick the Internet Connection Icon down by the System Clock and Choose Repair
    I don't have any such icon there. I do have a "LAN or High-Speed Internet" icon in Control Panel>Network Connections which has a Repair entry on the right-click menu, but since it says my connection is working fine
    (and it is), it shows there is nothing to repair.
    I flushed the DNS Resolver Cache. I believe the cookie/ad blocking/mobile code setting were already set to what you advise. In order to be sure, I would need your instructions to just specify "check" or "uncheck" the box as that is the way the settings are presented in my version.
    I'm afraid I don't understand
    what any of this has
    to do with a buffer overflow in the zlparser.dll module of vsmon.exe crashing the TrueVector Service?

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    stupefy Guest

    Default Re: TrueVector crashes in ZAISS (continuation)

    To display the Network Icon down by the System Clock Navigate to:
    Control Panel/Network Connections/
    RightClick the Network Connection and Choose 'Properties'
    At the bottom of the General Tab Enable:
    (1) Show icon in notification area when connected
    (2) Notify me when this connection has limited or no connectivity

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    Nov 2004

    Default Re: TrueVector crashes in ZAISS (continuation of previous thread with same subject line)

    Hi!Interesting discussion but you were confusing on what you wanted... you wanted contacting development????Why development? Of course you get no answer...You should have explained that you wanted to contact ZA technical support and that the does not work for you.Btw, the form works perfectly fine here thats why I have suggested you to use another computer.You should first fix your system... follow user 'stupefy'suggestions.May be you have someone near you that could help you to fix your system?Cheers,Fax

    Message Edited by fax on 03-27-2009 10:28 AM

    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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    vicsam Guest

    Default Re: TrueVector crashes in ZAISS (continuation)

    Noted, but I don't want to add another icon to my systray or taskbar unless
    I *need* it there. I know where to find it (in Network Connections), which is sufficient. I'm not having a connectivity problem, so I don't need to constantly see that icon.

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    vicsam Guest

    Default Re: TrueVector crashes in ZAISS (continuation of previous thread with same subject line)

    I wanted to contact development because - again - the problem is one that only they can address. Buffer overflow in vsmon.exe's zlparser.dll module repeatedly crashing
    the program's engine.

    I don't need to "fix my system." There's nothing wrong that turning off ZA or its features doesn't "fix" but I don't consider that a fix. For instance, with the suggested cookies and code
    settings, I can't even sign in to
    this forum.
    I can't help all the tons of stuff that many mainstream sites want to load when you go to their main page(es), but when I have
    ZA features enabled to keep
    the extraneous junk from loading and the very ZA features that are supposed to handle that CAN'T
    handle it, that is a ZA programming problem. Those features are the reason I purchased ZA. I'm paying for those features to WORK without crashing the program.
    The form submission not going through was a problem with technical difficulties on ZA's
    site per the first error messages received (which were ZA-based, not IE), not a problem with IE or my system. I finally got the information through to someone in customer service - with fingers crossed that they passed it on to the proper department like I
    implored them to do - via the Comments section of a
    survey they sent me asking me to rate the various aspects of the live chat session.
    I certainly appreciate all of the assistance that you and the other gurus provide on your own time to try to help people here, and do not fault anyone on this forum for not being able to fix a programming bug.


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    Default Re: TrueVector crashes in ZAISS (continuation of previous thread with same subject line)

    <BLOCKQUOTE><HR>vicsam wrote:
    I certainly appreciate all of the assistance that you and the other gurus provide on your own time to try to help people here, and do not fault anyone on this forum for not being able to fix a programming bug.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>Hi!yes, there was no need to report to development.They are aware of the issue but it may notbe fixed in the near future as I already explained to you.You should start to findalternatives to privacy control...See here: and the support form works perfectly fine here... so I don't know what problem are you talking about.SorryCheers,Fax

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    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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    Default Re: TrueVector crashes in ZAISS (continuation of previous thread with same subject line)

    <blockquote><hr>vicsam wrote:
    Sorry for the new message/thread, but there was no capability to let me add to the existing thread (Reply feature greyed out)...I have new information which I have tried submitting to ZA via the web form at but the submission will not go through (I have tried several times).
    My TrueVector Service crashes have continued (Error message: "TrueVector Service has encountered a problem and needs to close. Weare sorry for the inconvenience."). Since my previous posts, I have been checking the Error Signature in the Error Report Contents eachtime, when Windows XP generates an error report to send to Microsoft. I have discovered that in EVERY incident, the following applies:
    - the EventType is BEX, indicating a buffer overflow
    - P1 & P2 values: the faulting application is vsmon.exe ver.
    - P4 & P5 values: the faulting module is zlparser.dll ver.
    - P8 value is c0000409 (STATUS_STACK_BUFFER_OVERRUN --- The system detected an overrun of a stack-based buffer in this application.)
    The error occurs at numerous websites... and I have noticed that it is occurring EVERY time I visit such sites as,,, and All of these sites are what one might sarcastically call "content-rich" and when they load they retrieve
    different parts of their
    content and/or ads from different locations.
    The vsmon.exe application is being passed data that is too large for the buffer. How can I get ZA to could check for a bug in zlparser.dll - maybe it cannot handle a directory path over a certain number of bytes long, or something?
    I know the stock "ZA does not monitor or participate in this forum" disclaimer, but I have also seen instances in the past where theyHAVE fixed problems that they became aware of via the forum, so maybe it can happen yet again...
    vicsamWindows XP SP3ZAISS

    Operating System:
    Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:
    Product Name:
    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite


    There has been a very lengthy thread about the Privacy bug before...

    and with the older version.... I was hoping this bug would be fixed by the latest version.
    Apparently not as the issue still persists.

    My own solution is to remove the Privacy from the ZA which is something not appreciated by most ZA users as most depend on the ZA's Privacy for the extra layer of security that the Privacy provides for ZA users.
    [I use other filtering solutions, including the browser options for filtering, and really have no need for the Privacy... one of the reasons why I enjoyed the ZA Antispyware firewall versions instead of the ZA Pro]

    hmmm...... the zlparser.dll is directly involved with a few of the datafiles for the privacy and with the vsmon.exe itself for the functions of the Privacy.
    See for yourself .... copy the zlparser.dll to the desktop and then open it with the notepad.exe...after the binary code...somewhere in the middle to the end the extra Privacy filtering added by the zlparser.dll is plain to see. Some details of the ad blocking, cleaner, popup blocker, referer and other filtering is seen performed by the zlparser.dll in conjunction with the vsmon.exe. And an included javascript file for the popup blocker/frames/iframes and a few other things.
    Plus the zlparser's interaction and dependencies with other files including some window files.

    Buffer overflow ..... too many requests or threads into a process or something was not able to process something and is 'hanging' itself ...(but not directly to the processor of the computer but to a process itself) and this process is unable to handle the extra load. Once the extra load becomes too much in the hard memory of the computer, the process's extra useage of the hard memory will attempt to spill into other sectors of the memory.
    [However usually the windows' DEP and allocated memory address space of windows prevents this from occuring (and so will some hardware settings in the bios of some computers).
    However not alway the case and in some instances, the extra memory consumption is simply limited, not stopped (seen this myself when 'playing or fiddling with the code' of files of programs and making very serious mistakes.....seen Program mem use skyrocket from 20,000 kmem to ONE GIG or ram useage!).
    Thus most programs freeze and still there and usually can 'lock up' the windows; since windows is now 'unstable' and most programs with this issue do not do the temporary self shtudown or stop and simply continue to set there, frozen and screwing up the windows system.]

    But the windows message is 'stack' 'overflow' ... meaning this is probably occuring at the windows tcp stack where the vsmon.exe is applied into the windows networking, and 'overflow' where either too many threads or connections are being used.
    I suspect too many attachments to the tcp stack is the cause - windows will only do so many at a given time and keep track of so many at a time.
    It is possible to adjust certain things in the registry regarding the tcp stack and windiws networking.... but I would really not recommend to alter the window's default settings and just leave things alone.

    Kind of surprised with ZA as this self protection is well designed in it and it does the stop vsmon.exe so smoothly and how quickly it resumes itself ....kind in mind the vsdatant.sys is the ZA driver and the firewall driver is providing the actual network filtering ... and it itself is not involved with the issue, hence the networking protection continues regardless of the vsmon.exe issues (or any zlclient.exe issues although it nice to have a GUI).
    However the certain site issues will still persist and continue with that next site visit.

    I have seen sites with clean html and almost no advanced files cause issues with the ZA Privacy and this site issue, causing me to believe these site issues are caused by a bad code or error in the binary of some ZA's privacy file.


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    Best regards.

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