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Thread: 64 Bit Vista and ZA Pro running as *32 bit

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    hazeydj Guest

    Default 64 Bit Vista and ZA Pro running as *32 bit

    Hi, I downloaded the Zone Alarm Pro 8.02 and am running the 15 day trial. I plan on buying it but...

    Question is, why does it show up as a 32 bit program in Windows Task Manager.
    This includes ZLclient.exe*32 and vsmon.exe*32.


    Operating System:Windows Vista 64 bit
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    johncholmes Guest

    Default Re: 64 Bit Vista and ZA Pro running as *32 bit

    That isn't a problem, that is common to all 64-bit capable security programs/suites. Those *32 you see are only one of the threads of ZA Pro. The vsmon executable (vsmon is started in Windows as a service) is a 32-bit compatible executable, and is the same executable whether you run a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Vista. What makes ZA Pro 64-bit capable are that the 8.0.298 installer includes native 64-bit drivers (*.sys) for ZA pro when it is installed on a 64-bit operating system. The installer autodetects your operating system and installs the appropriate drivers.

    You can install antivirus products that are not fully 64-bit compatible (such as SuperAntiSpyware), without driver support. The limitations you may experience of doing such a thing is that these programs (SuperAntiSpyware, for example) will have more limited functionality and not be able to do direct-disk access, etc.


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    hazeydj Guest

    Default Re: 64 Bit Vista and ZA Pro running as *32 bit

    Thank you for explaining the difference.

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