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Thread: Norton reports that Zonealarm isn't working

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    jeangabinfan Guest

    Default Norton reports that Zonealarm isn't working

    I have just updated to ZoneAlarm free firewall Upon restarting, Norton Protection Center has an alert for ZoneAlarm and tells me that 'Your computer is not protected against intruders'. ZoneAlarm appears to be working - can I just ignore this alert?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    stupefy Guest

    Default Re: Norton reports that Zonealarm isn't working

    Navigate to:START/Control Panel/Security Center/
    Is both the Firewall and Virus Protection Registered as 'ON'
    Does the Firewall list ZoneAlarm
    Does the Virus Protection list Norton
    If so you may Ignore the Norton Protection Center Warning
    If not there is an Installation Problem

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    jeangabinfan Guest

    Default Re: Norton reports that Zonealarm isn't working

    Thank you - both Firewall and Virus Protection are listed as 'ON'. It tells me that one of the firewalls on my computer is working and that must be ZoneAlarm as the Windows Firewall is off. Your help is much appreciated.

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    tasman Guest

    Default Re: Norton reports that Zonealarm isn't working

    If you are using Norton 2008/2007 you will need to turn off the INTERNET WORM PROTECTION, it is a form of firewall and does not play well with ZA.Tasman

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    aih Guest

    Default Re: Norton reports that Zonealarm isn't working

    I had the same problem (I think) as JeanGabinfan, except with ZoneAlarm Pro.
    Norton System Works showed the fire wall disabled even with
    Zone Alarm installed and running.
    I tried setting
    ZAP to not disable the Windows fire wall, then shut down ZAP, enabled Windows fire wall, rebooted, and then reset ZAP to disable Windows firewall.
    No go.
    I ended up uninstalling both Norton System Works
    and ZAP and reinstalling.
    That fixed the System Works alert, but I later discovered that ZAP is not disabling the Windows Fire Wall even though it is set to do so.
    And I can
    the Windows firewall and ZAP, and Systems
    alert that there is no firewall.
    To make matters worse, I set specific IP addresses for our laptops to be in the trusted Zone (as I had done before, and I double checked the IP addresses on the laptops) and the laptops can still not see the desktop computer running ZAP.
    Even if I disable
    ZAP fire wall and Windows firewall.
    So I have something weird going on, but it all started when I installed this latest
    ZAP upgrade last week.
    I'm searching
    the forum for the trusted zone problem, by the way.
    Just thought I'd throw it in as it seems to be part of the mix in my case.

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    aih Guest

    Default Re: Norton reports that Zonealarm isn't working

    I'll try when I can.
    Could be my issue, though I didn't have a problem with earlier versions of ZAP.

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    stupefy Guest

    Default Re: Norton reports that Zonealarm isn't working

    After an Reboot or StartupWhen you first navigate to the Windows Security Center and View the Firewall, by Default
    the Windows Firewall is Active in the Background for an Few Minutes.....even though the
    Windows Firewall is Disabled.....this behavior is by Default and for Windows Self Security.
    Reboot and go back to the Windows Security Center and click on the Firewall Heading.....
    At first it will state "At least one of the Firewalls on this Computer is working.....etc"
    Waite for an few minutes and it should state "ZoneAlarm Firewall is currently ON, etc....."
    Then you know you are OK
    If it does not state ZoneAlarm within an few minutes then there is another Firewall Installed
    Post back the Results.....

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    stupefy Guest

    Default Re: Norton reports that Zonealarm isn't working

    It is good practice to Manually Disable the Windows Firewall before Installing ZoneAlarm or
    any Software equipped with an Firewall
    Sounds like the Laptops are Wireless.....and the Wireless Routers IP Address needs to be in the
    Trusted Zone of All the Computers along with the Static IP Addresses of the Laptops and any other
    Computer in the Network you wish the Computers to communicate with
    In other words all the IP Addresses need to be in all the Computers' Trusted Zone of ZoneAlarm
    Most Importantly.....the Static IP Addresses Must Be Outside the DHCP Range of the Router

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    jeangabinfan Guest

    Default Re: Norton reports that Zonealarm isn't working

    After a couple of reboots Norton stopped reporting a problem with ZoneAlarm. Although Windows Security Center still tells me that 'at least one firewall' is on, I know that Windows firewall is off and the only other firewall on my computer is ZoneAlarm. I believe that ZoneAlarm always was working fine and that the problem was purely a fictional creation of Norton AV.

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    aih Guest

    Default Re: Norton reports that Zonealarm isn't working

    The windows xp fire wall was disabled when I installed the ZAP upgrade the first time around.
    I didn't do anything with Norton System Works and Antivirus; just ran a clean install (as opposed to upgrade) of ZAP like I've always done in the past.
    Not sure what I did with the windows fire wall the second time around, but I'm pretty sure I reinstalled the Norton product first before reinstalling ZAP.
    I remember this because when experimenting, I got a warning to uninstall ZAP when trying to reinstall the Norton product.
    So I uninstalled ZAP again and started over.
    On the laptops, they are connecting to the desktop via wi-fi, or rather they are supposed to be connecting.
    are running ZA.
    One is running Norton Internet Security with the windows xp firewall disabled, and the other is running MacAfee and the windows xp firewall enabled, or at least I think that's the setup (I don't use it myself).
    Only the desktop is running ZAP.
    And as far as the laptops being able to see the desktop, all I had to do was add the laptop IP addressed into the trusted zone in the zone settings under firewall in ZAP.
    And my troubles seem to have started with the upgrade.
    I think I said, but I'll repeat, I double checked the IP addresses of the laptops just to be sure those hadn't changed somehow.
    They are the same.
    I'll have to check the DHCP range of the router when I'm home.
    I saw the post wrt to the windows firewall being on for a time after a reboot even when it is disabled.
    That could be why Norton shows a firewall enabled even when both windows and ZAP firewalls are off, but I don't know.
    I'll have to doublecheck.
    Thanks for the help.

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