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Thread: HTTP 403 Forbidden

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    jenniebert Guest

    Default HTTP 403 Forbidden

    Hello Everyone!
    As of late I receive this error message anytime I attempt to download a pdf file or application,
    whats strange
    is when I disable ZoneAlarm I am able to download, any advise?
    This is the full message that I receive:

    The website declined to show this webpage
    HTTP 403<div class="divider">Most likely causes:
    This website requires you to log in.

    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    stupefy Guest

    Default Re: HTTP 403 Forbidden

    ZoneAlarm Forum Volunteer Community Help
    Customize the Privacy Settings for Those Particular Web Sites
    Perhaps this might help:
    Web Page Document - HTTP Error 403 - Forbidden:

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    jenniebert Guest

    Default Re: HTTP 403 Forbidden

    Thank you stupefy, I will try
    your suggestions.

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