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Thread: ZoneAlarm initialization taking too long?

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    johncholmes Guest

    Default ZoneAlarm initialization taking too long?

    I have ZAX on a 32 bit vista install home premium SP1,
    When booting into vista, ZAX takes about 30 seconds to initialize, but forcefield takes another 2-3 minutes to initialize after ZAX is done initializing.
    I get the hour glass icon every 15 seconds for those 2-3 minutes.
    On my ZAX install on my XP SP 3 machine and my vista 64 bit machine, i have no such problem, fast initialization, any ideas?

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Extreme Security

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    stupefy Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm initialization taking too long?

    ZoneAlarm Forum Volunteer Community Help
    What Convinces you or Leads you to Believe that it is ForceField Initializing the Hour Glass every
    fifteen seconds for the next two or three minutes after Startup or Reboot?
    Unless you are Opening the Browser Immediately After Startup or Reboot, ForceField Will Not Be
    Active In Memory Until the Browser is Initialized.
    There are literally hundreds of Processes Starting in the Background After an Startup or Reboot.
    Some of those Processes Initializing Could and Will Trigger the Hour Glass Indicating Background Activity.
    The Hour Glass could also Indicate ZoneAlarm Antivirus/Antispyware Scanning Startup Files, yet Another
    Background Process Initializing.
    Windows Vista is Also More Dynamic than Windows XP

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    johncholmes Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm initialization taking too long?

    Thanks for the response.
    If I open task manager, after booting into vista, vsmon.exe, scanningprocess.exe, Forcefield.exe and ISWSVC.exe are loaded.
    I assume ISWSVC is the forcefield service.
    When I get the hour glass, the process ISWMGR.exe loads, a few seconds later, the process disappears from task manager process viewer (is it "crashing?&quot.
    About 10 seconds later, the hour glass comes on again, and ISWMGR.exe reappears under process viewer of task manager (sometimes a single instances, sometimes two processes with separate PID's).
    a few seconds later ISWMGR.exe processes disappear again.
    This cycle continues for several minutes until finally ISWMGR.exe stops disapearing (seems like it finally "catches"?).
    During this entire time, until ISWMGR.exe permanently appear under task manager, on the ZAX main window under "browser security" it shows "Forcefield Starting", when ISWMGR.exe permantly appears, it turns to "Forcefield On" and the hourglass ceases, and I can load browsers faster, open word documents faster, open acrobat faster, load acronis true image faster, etc.
    Any ideas?

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