<div class="postbody">Dear forum members, While playing a browser game online at my home i encountered a very nasty internet connection error, that most likely is due to zonealarm. I keep losing new connection to the internet on my laptop after I deleted an entry somewhere in zonealarm, and every 4- minutes I have to reset my router to resolve a new page. However if you are connected to a specific site it still is connected (in the brpwser game you connect to certain servers, you won't log out even though IE and Firefox can't resolve a new adress).<div class="postbody">
<div class="postbody">While trying to resolve this problem I have been running network diagnostics since I get &quot;error connecting to server&quot;, while having this neither on internet explorer or mozilla firefox I can go to another page, I will have to restore internet connection. The thing is that during these problems my eMule still has connection, and if i am not logging out of the server, I can't resolve new internet adresses, however I can continue playing my browser game as long as I am still logged in. When I put zonealarm out, there are no problems what soever with resolving new pages.

In the meanwhile I already tried attaching my laptop directly (not through a router) on my internet outlet, but at that point I can't get any internet to work. Also I tried changing internet cables, as well as another router, but the problem persist.

now I do know I had some troubles with my firewall and changed some things on that, though I can't remember what. At this moment network diagnostics is referring to my firewall settings since it can not resolve http (80), https (443) or ftp (21) ports. Though other times it just states that there are no internet connection problems, or that it has been successfully restored.

My firewall is zonealarm pro, I have not a single clue who my internet provider is, since it came while renting my room. However I do have a mail address by which I can contact them, but they haven't been able to help me so far. My router is a sitecom 202v5 router. There is also another PC connected to this router, but since I don't use it as often as my laptop I cannot tell you if the same problem is there as well, since until now I haven't seen it on there....<div class="postbody">
<div class="postbody">Does anyone know what I should do to resolve this problem? Like maybe putting up a secure zone around my router, or making expert rules to open the ports for ftp, http, or https? I am sure I did not updated my windows, so that can not be the problem, I know I removed something in zonealarm somewhere. Maybe the best option is re-installing zone alarm?<div class="postbody">
<div class="postbody">Anyways I eagerly await a response,<div class="postbody">
<div class="postbody">With kind regards,<div class="postbody">Mauranius<div class="postbody">
<div class="postbody">P.S. I hope my English is understandable, it's not my first language

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro