I am still experiencing this problem on both my WinXP Pro SP3 PCs and I have a follow up question.
One of your instructions states, "Also make sure your Program Control slider is at Medium or AutoLearn, not at the High."
When I look at the available settings for Program Control, the choices are Max, Auto, Min and Off.
There is no Medium.
Both of mine were defaulted to Max automatically by ZASS after running the inital Auto time period after I installed my current version.
What should I be set on?
I have checked and double-checked each of your steps and this is the only one I can find that is different.
Any other help or suggestions?
ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:
TrueVector version:
Driver version:
Anti-virus engine version:
Anti-virus signature DAT file version:983396156
Anti-spyware engine version:
Anti-spyware signature DAT file version:01.200904.5795
AntiSpam version: