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Thread: Vista Home Premium/ZAS Windows Update Freeze

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    petergoode Guest

    Default Vista Home Premium/ZAS Windows Update Freeze

    I am once again hoping someone might have a suggestion on troubleshooting a recurring problem on my wife's Vista Home
    Premium (Dell) system.
    ZA Suite someone causes a scenario whereby approximately every three to four weeks, Windows Update freezes.
    The only way to get it to run is to literally uninstall ZA, and then reinstall.
    Simply resetting it does not solve the problem.
    Unchecking ZA in msconfig and rebooting also does not solve the problem, as I guess it has to do with TrueVector scanning, which runs even when ZA does not.
    If anyone can either suggest a manner by which to troubleshoot this, or a less time consuming workaround, please let me know.
    Thanks so much.

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    coisa Guest

    Default Re: Vista Home Premium/ZAS Windows Update Freeze

    Just installed ZA Extreme - (Been using ZA since 2000 on many personal and business pc's)

    Had the same problem - Vista Update Froze - had to use task manager to cancel, then Windows Explorer would restart.

    Had 3 Tech Support Live Chat, waiting over an hour each time for a tech to respond.
    1. Tech recommended I a)turn of ForeField in the ZA control Panel | Browser settings. This closes the browser and loses the chat - It did not work

    2. Control Panel | Program Control | Main | Set Program control to auto | Set SmartDefense to auto. c) Click programs - select all programs - right click and remove them all. (Program control will automatically started to re-populate) and reboot. It did not work for me.

    3. Live Chat tech Jeremy gave me a whole list of instructions which I did not complete because it is extremely time consumptive - his instructions come later. I started with his instructions, also tinkered with the rights in Control panel | Program Control | Programs - changing more MS programs to trusted but it and the procedure were just too much time in rebooting and retrying many things

    Here is what worked for me. It seems that there is a new Windows update released on 4/28. Before you start this procedure go to Control Panel | Program and features | on the left navigation bar click view installed updates | click on the installed on column header to sort by date to see if you have the 955430 update. If you do this 1st procedure will not help

    FYI, before I the successful procedure I added the following as trusted on the Control Panel | Firewall | Zones
    After adding them, I tried Vista Update - it still did not work so I don't know if it contributed to the solution.

    (You PC will be unprotected for moments that ZA is down which you have to do to get to updates)
    1. Open ZA X control panel | Overview | Preferences | uncheck load ZA at startup
    2. Vista home button | type msconfig in the search box
    3. services tab | check the hide all Microsoft services | click manufacturer column header to sort by name | uncheck ForceField Iswsvc and uncheck TruVector Internet Monitor
    4. Startup button | uncheck ZoneAlarm Client (step 1 may take care of this on reboot but I am not sure it does)
    5. Click Apply | OK
    6. Reboot your PC
    7. Run Windows update (if should work now - don't do anything else cause you are unprotected)While the the update was running I opened the ZA software - even though ZA services are not all running - don't know if starting ZA during the update automatically added a new program to program control. It is also possible that tinkering with trusting programs and stopping some services contributed to the fix. I did not log those changes.

    Reverse steps 1 through 6 so you are protected again - hope this works for you

    If above does not work see Jeremy's instructions.

    Here are the Jeremy's suggestions via my third live chat - if the above suggestion does not work for you, repeating his words may save you time with tech support live chat or tech support email if you choose to do the following procedure, ( it will take a very long time because of the oodles of reboots required to re-enable services one at a time

    Third Procedure recommend by live chat:
    Jeremy: I understand that you cannot receive updates through Windows Vista.
    Jeremy: There may be a problem with a conflict with another software program that you are running, pleas try the following.
    Jeremy: Click start -> run, type msconfig, and click ok.
    Jeremy: Put the check in selective startup.
    Jeremy: Click the startup tab; click disable all, then put the check back in
    Jeremy: ForceField and in ZLClient.
    Jeremy: Click services, put the check in hide all Microsoft services, then un-check all remaining items.
    Jeremy: Make sure to put the check back in forcefield iswsvc and TrueVector.
    Jeremy: Take the check back out of hide all Microsoft services.
    Jeremy: Click the apply button, click close, and click the option to restart when it asks. Test and see if you still have the problem.
    Jeremy: If not, click start -> run, type msconfig and click ok.
    Jeremy: Click services, and check just one of the un-checked programs. Click the apply button, click close, and restart.
    Jeremy: Please do this until you experience the issue.
    Jeremy: If you don t experience the issue, go to start -> run, type msconfig and click ok.
    Jeremy: Click the startup tab, and start checking things in here one at a time. [each one check requires a reboot ]
    Jeremy: After checking one thing, click the apply button, click close, and restart.
    Jeremy: Keep doing this until you have all the things checked that you had checked before, or until you discover what is causing the issue.

    If the above finds the solution, it is still unacceptable because of the time required to reboot many many times. ZA needs to get this kind of thing fixed

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    petergoode Guest

    Default Re: Vista Home Premium/ZAS Windows Update Freeze

    Thanks for that encyclopedia of recommendations!
    Indeed, I went through most of those steps too...and this time, though I again sent a request to the techs via the web page for further advice, they have not answered...maybe it got lost.
    I will look for that Windows Update, but I bet it's there, since I've been installing everything all along...I figured it was the True Vector service which was creating the problem...I also agree that checking and unchecking each and every single program and rebooting would be a full time job...
    I will post another update if I ever hear anything further from ZA, or if I have success with your various suggestions.
    Thanks again for taking time to send such a complete menu of options!

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    coisa Guest

    Default Re: Vista Home Premium/ZAS Windows Update Freeze

    Update to Windows Vista Update Hanging Procedure
    I am using Internet Explorer 8 and FireFox 3.10, ZAX 8.298.035

    Windows Vista update stopped working again.

    My previous procedure at least did not cause update to give a blank screen or cause Windows Explorer to crash when ending the process or when windows update was started.

    If you update is freezing at a blank screen that is where my original problem started. Do the procedure to get the latest windows update, After that procedure, Windows update did show to be in progress but it stayed there for well over an hour. (see additional notes below)

    Think I Got Windows Update working again (through at least 4 more reboots over 2 days) by following point 2 in Tech Supports live chat in my previous post. Here is a revision of that post

    Preface: Reboot. Close all programs (Wait until your Vista computer completely reboots, that is until constant disk activity stops. In my case it takes at least 20 minutes or more after boot) Also, open Task Manager. (simultaneously Control | Alt | Delete) On the processes tab, sort by CPU time - most of the program activity should have stopped after the disk activity stops - Close task manager when you think most reboot system work is done - Wait a few more minutes.) Following this guidelines allows you to do the next step, and ZA will not repopulate a significant number of programs to make it easier to do.

    Live Chat 2 suggestion points:
    a) Open ZA Control Panel | Program Control | Main | Set Program control to auto | Set SmartDefense to auto.
    b) Click programs - select all programs - right click and remove them all.

    My points

    c) Program control will automatically started to re-populate but if the system activity is low it will not list too many programs making this easier. Leave ZA open
    d) Open Windows Update
    e) Check for update - it will show in progress but hang there
    f) ZA program control should add the following program to the list. "Windows Update Application manager"
    g) ZA automatically set the options to "?". That is, ZA sets all options to ask
    h) Change Trust Level to Super by right clicking on the question mark. (I will test a lower this level in my tinkering for the next few days)
    i) Change Trusted and Internet options in both Access and Server columns to allow by right clicking on the question mark (I left Send mail to ?)
    j) Reboot - wait as in the preface above and try windows update - it's been working for me

    I will report any further problems here.

    Event Log Notes:
    1. "Windows Servicing identified that package KB955430(Update) is not applicable for this system" yet it installed it. After I installed KB955430 Windows Update did not freeze anymore but stayed forever at 'checking for updates) (The web shows this update is needed for the yet to come Vista Service Pack 2)
    2. The ScRegSetValueExW call failed for Start with the following error: Access is denied. (The web refers to this error when the **bleep** anti-virus program is installed. I have never had **bleep** installed on this system)
    3. Event ID: 15016 Unable to initialize the security package Kerberos for server side authentication. The data field contains the error number (From the web, Microsoft explanation of the error: This event occurs because you are using a Windows Vista configuration that does not have and that does not require a security package for HTTP service authentication) Per MS no action required

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    coisa Guest

    Default Re: Vista Home Premium/ZAS Windows Update Freeze

    Like petergoode reports this issue can become temporarily fixed but returns

    Though I had this problem resolved but do not

    Windows update aka Vista Update freezes, works for the 1st time when taking down ZA doing a manual update and then the updates stop working
    This problem also affects Media Center update (Guide update)

    I have spent hours and days trying to resolve this by tech support chat and using suggestions from this forum. FYI I am an IT professional and know my way around a computer.

    Please open an email tech support ticket if you have this problem

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    petergoode Guest

    Default Re: Vista Home Premium/ZAS Windows Update Freeze

    My final word from emailed tech support is to propose my setting up a different account on Vista, assuming the problem reflects the possibility that the administrator account (only one person uses the PC) is corrupted.
    Bill indicated that he could not reproduce the problem.
    Well, I also have spent hours on this without definitive solution.
    I am going to uninstall the current version, reinstall an older version, and try to ignore the nag messages to upgrade.

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    coisa Guest

    Default Re: Vista Home Premium/ZAS Windows Update Freeze

    My Vista Update Problem has been resolved by the update for 8.0.4

    1. Going to AppData for EVERY user and deleting all folders from the formerly installed security programs (N 3*6*0 [use companies parent name] and Spybot)
    in Vista it is C:\Users\[User Account}\AppData\Roaming and C:\Users\public\AppData\Roaming. Also check other folders other than roaming in AppData
    2. Logging on using EVERY user and Running CCleaner registry clean
    3. Updating to 8.0.04 Clean Install

    Update for Vista and Windows Media Center Guide now works. However, issues in FireFox remains. See my other posts

    If you haven't given up ZA yet give it a try.

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    petergoode Guest

    Default Re: Vista Home Premium/ZAS Windows Update Freeze

    Thanks for the followup...I finally gave up...I am running version 7 on my wife's Vista system, no glitches...and version 8 on my three XP systems.

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