Hello guys,
I have a very strange problem on my Vista ASUS M50VM notebook when using Zonealarm security suite v8.0.298.035 and also with v8.0.298.000.
When the
Zonealarm security suite is running and I try to download some large files (larger than 50MB)
from the
internet the files get always corrupted!If I shut down Zonealarm security suite and then download the same file again it
works correctly.
The other strange thing is that zonealarm causes download corruption only
when I am connected to very fast internet connection with download speed
16 Mbit/sec at my work.At home I have 3Mbit/s speed there zonealarm does not cause this problem!!!The problem also occurs regardless if I use firefox or internet explorer for the download.

This problem started since version v8.0.298.000. I did not have this issue with older versions.I also contact the support, but there answer was useless!!!The support said this is privacy setting problem, but I
have the privacy setting off all the time.
Operating System:
Windows Vista Ultimate
Software Version:
Product Name:
ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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