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Thread: Advanced search 'exact phrase' search still omits words

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    See here for a guide:

    or for a more complete help here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by brownie View Post
    Just adding to this thread... Since I posted I think the system behind the forum search has been changed - I can't see the Lithium logo on the forum pages now and I can't seem to find an 'exact phrase search' facility either. When I carry out a search on 'third party programs' the search engine now returns all posts with any of those three key words...
    If you look at the bottom of the page you will see that the boards now use vBulletin, not Lithium. That explains the changes in advanced search

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    Workaround: if you have the Google toolbar (or even if you don't, you can still go to and use the "site:xxx" method listed below) you can use their search rules for quotes, etc., and then instead of the "go" button, use the "search only on xxx" button, xxx being, in this case," button. You need to have your settings for google toolbar correct to do this but that's pretty easy to do.

    You can accomplish the same thing on Google toolbar regardless of its settings, or on the google homepage if you don't have the toolbar - by colon nospace whatever.whatever space searchterm(s)

    for instance virtualization

    this will bring up all posts in the forum that contain the word virtualization. Just use the other search functions as you would on google

    for instance "clear my cache" forcefield +tabs

    That will bring every post containing the exact phrase "clear my cache" plus the word "forcefield", plus the word "tabs". The plus sign in front of tabs is to keep the search from eliminating that word due to its being too short, too common, etc.

    There's lots of info on the web on the dif ways to manipulate google search to narrow your results even further.

    It's a pretty handy thing, use it every day, works way better than most site's search functions.
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