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Thread: Question about ZA Free 7.1.248 and Vista SP2

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    Default Question about ZA Free 7.1.248 and Vista SP2

    Background: ZA version 7.1.248 was required to be installed with Vista before installing SP1 or you'd brick your computer due to extensive probs. w/ ZA version 7.1.XXX and the way SP1 changed Vista at the time. Does the same hold true of version 7.1.XXX with regards to SP2 for Vista? Is version 8.0.400.020 required to be installed BEFORE upgrading to Vista SP2?? It's the only version that specifically mentions support for Vista SP2.

    Any tips to make the upgrade go smoothly? I DO plan to disable my AV and ZA during the upgrade along with Spybot's resident shield feature. I have a router between me and the 'Net, so I should be safe without ZA for a bit.

    By reading these forums before installing SP1, I saved myself a HUGE headache, and am hoping to do the same this time. BTW, any word on if the free version will get up to 8.0.400.020 or will it skip that version to another, higher, one?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

    Current system:
    Vista SP1 w/ ALL other patches including KB955430 from Microsoft
    ZA Free 7.1.248
    AVG Free 8.5.339
    Spybot 1.6.2
    SpywareBlaster 4.2
    AAW Anniversary Edition 8.0.5
    IE 7
    FF 3.0.11

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    Default Re: Question about ZA Free 7.1.248 and Vista SP2

    Hi!I am not sure user here will have an answer to your question. To avoid problems you could simply:1. Remove ZA 7.12. Turn ON VISTA firewall3. Update VISTA to SP24. Install ZA 8Sorry no information on when, if, how the new ZA free will be released.Cheers,Fax

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