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Thread: Message lost?

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    samsara Guest

    Default Message lost?

    I just wrote a message to support via their online form, took me about 5 minutes and I did not take a breakor anything during writing. When I
    clicked the submit button however, I got a page that said "your session has expired".Does that means that my message is lost?

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    Charles_B Guest

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    Most likely your session was time out.You could compose message and copy and paste it in " Please describe the problem field ".

    Welcome to ZoneAlarm Web-Based Technical Support when offline :

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    Maybe this would help.

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    samsara Guest

    Default Re: Message lost?

    OK, thanks. Stupid that it can time out when you're
    in the middle of
    writing a message - particularlybecause the longer the message, the bigger the risk it times out and the more youhave to rewrite...

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